A little more background

August 4, 2008

We have been running our B&B since 2003.  This is our 6th summer and we’ve had over 2000 guests stay with us.  Our home is one that belonged to a good friend of mine when we were growing up, so I actually played here and slept over when I was younger. 

Everyone always asks how we came to buy the house.  My friend’s father had died a few months before, and the house had been on the market.  It’s a good size (about 3600 square feet of living space, plus a full basement & attic) and her mom was living here alone.  I had been on the phone with my friend and she was telling me that another one of our friends was trying to convince her husband that they should come through to look at it.  I thought, “Well if they can buy it, why can’t we?”  We had already made the decision to move back to my hometown of about 15,000 people, thinking it would be a great place for the boys to grow up.  The house is right around the corner from a great elementary school and they can walk or bike to their friends’ houses.  We came through the house Thanksgiving weekend and realized it was PERFECT for a B&B.  We made an offer and set the closing date for the first day of Christmas Vacation.  We made the leap that we would buy it whether or not our other house sold and luckily, the bank was agreeable.  As it turned out, we moved on December 21st, and our house sold that day!!  It was fate. 

I dropped the boys off at their sitter’s that morning, and came to town withthe moving van to set up their room.  Dad picked them up after school, and arrived in time for supper.  We went to a local diner, just down the street, and in a HUGE rainstorm, drove up to a Christmas Tree lot, stopped beside one of about five they had left, paid $10 and took home the most beautiful tree we ever had.  Over the next two weeks, we had lots of company, wanting to see the house, a big New Year’s Party with both sides of the family & some friends, and then when it was time to go back to school on January 6th, the electrician, plumber & carpenter arrived.  We worked as hard as we could and on March 6th, our B&B was licened and open for business.

We had our first guests, a couple from Ottawa, come and stay with us on March 21st, the same day we had an open house to open our home to other business owners in the area.  We were on such a high that we ended up sitting up with those people and a great friend, one of my former university roommates, until close to midnight, drinking wine.   We soon learned not to do that too much!  We loved having guests, and continue to enjoy the people that we host night after night.  We have built up a fairly regular clientelle and are proud to say that after six years, over 55% of our business is either repeat guests or have been referred to us by someone who has stayed with us/knows us.

There’s been no looking back.  Within two years, I had quit my “day job” and we were expecting another baby.  Luckily, my parents are close-by and happy (most-of-the-time) to help out.  The time has flown by, and I’ll use some of our former adventures to fill in the dull days!


One Response to “A little more background”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    I am so happy to see this…I can’t wait to see ALL of the adventures. 😉

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