Anaphylactic Reaction

August 5, 2008

We had a reaction here this afternoon, but we’re not sure what to.  Those are the worst kinds, because in the panic of trying to figure it out, you question whether or not it is a reaction or not.  She had hives earlier, so I gave her some Benedryl on top of her normal Reactine when I put her in her crib for a nap.  It wasn’t much longer when she was crying, and when I went to pick her up, she was making strange sounds.  She vomitted once and then couldn’t catch her breath.  I got the epipen out and yelled to our friend, Dave, who had just arrived from St. John’s that he had to come and help me stay calm.  Luckily, my night-in-shining-armor arrived at that time and her father was the one who actually administered the epipen while I held her on my lap.  She threw up again, mostly mucus and then her breathing cleared; but her hives were all over her body, including her face.  Dave stayed with the older kids while we took her to the hospital where they took her in immediately, despite the waiting room full of people.    They kept her under observation for quite awhile since anaphylaxis is often bi-phasic and can re-occur even up to 24 hours later.  The epinepherine treats the symptoms, but does not rid the body of the allergen.

We are now home, have had supper, and she is in her crib, but the moniter is on.  I doubt any of us will sleep well tonight, listening for the least sound…  I just had a call from a room that is coming in; their flight is delayed and it will be well after midnight when they arrive.  This is the worst part of running a B&B.  I would much rather go up and curl up with my baby, then wait up to make pleasantries with strangers…  However, this does not often happen, so we will roll with it.


One Response to “Anaphylactic Reaction”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ugh. It’s just the worst, when different responsibilities pull you apart.

    I need an EpiPen on hand for beestings. I’ve never been brave enough to use it myself. The last time I got stung, I did *look* for it, but then couldn’t find it so we just went to the ER.

    As long as there are other people around to do it, there is nothing wrong with just letting them. I know that you would do it yourself if you HAD to.

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