Sunbutter Goodness

August 5, 2008

We have lived in a house with out any kind of nut butter for almost a year now.  It was in August of last year that we discovered Olivia’s anaphylactic peanut allergy when she got a hold of a piece of her sister’s sandwich.  At first the thought of living without peanut butter was incomprehensible, but we started eating more soup, macaroni & cheese & grilled cheese sandwiches.  We took the boys to Disney World during March Break and thought we would pig out on peanut butter and marshmallow fluff for breakfast each day.  The problem was, it didn’t feel right to eat it anymore!  We only had it that first day and most of the sandwiches ended up in the garbage.  To eat something that has the power to kill your child definitely lessens the enjoyment! 

However, I read on an allergy support forum about a food called “Sunbutter” made from sunflower seeds in a peanut/treenut free facility.  Other parents rave about it and how their kids prefer it to peanut butter.  Unfortunately, Sunbutter isn’t sold around here, although I do have one of the Health Food Stores looking into ordering it for me!  One of my best friends arrived home today on vacation for the month.  She now lives in Chattanooga and was able to buy me not one, but two jars and was kind enough to fit it into her suitcase.  She popped in this morning to bring them to us (along with some single-serve Benedryl spoons, nutritional yeast and safe sprinkles!!) and we all had Sunbutter & Honey Sandwiches for lunch.  YUM!  I didn’t give any to Olivia yet as she is covered with mystery hives and it’s not safe to introduce new foods when she’s in that “on alert” state. 

It will be so convenient if she can eat this with no problems.  (She tested negative to sunflower two weeks ago, so we’re hopeful it will be a go.)  One of the problems her allergies bring is that we have to take her own food with us whenever we go out.  To have a shelf-stable food source that doesn’t need cooling or heating is something I had taken for granted in the past!  Regardless, I have a feeling the rest of us will have gone through those two jars in no time!!


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