A weekend of celebration!

August 11, 2008

We had a busy weekend here.  Not only has the B&B been at 100% occupancy with regular tourists this week, but there was a huge music festival in town, and if we’d had 300 rooms for Saturday night, we could have booked them! 

We left my father in charge on Saturday, and headed out to a nearby lake, to D’Arcy’s brother & sister-in-law’s cottage.  They were hosting a party to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, her 40th birthday, and another sister’s 50th.  D’Arcy was so excited because it gave him an opportunity to give his canoe its yearly wetting.  He built a 16′, cedar strip canoe back in 1996 and we actually consider our first date to be a night I went out to help him varnish it.  Unfortunately, the way that our lives have gone since, he rarely gets out on the water.  The boys love canoeing and we found out yesterday that Sarah does too!  The party was so much fun and it was great to get away for the afternoon!  It rained for part of the party, but no one seemed to care.  Olivia’s doctor showed up with his son (also one of our neighbours) so I was able to relax more than I normally do at things like that; I knew that if she got into trouble, we’d be in good hands.  In fact, he even offered to look after her at one point while I took Sarah to the potty.  We’re lucky to be in such caring hands!

We did as we have learned makes these parties the easiest.  D’Arcy was in the water with the other kids, so I kept her in the stroller for as long as I could.  Other people around were eating dips with mayonnaise (egg) in them, so I didn’t want them touching her.  She did get out for a bit and went for a swim with her father.  She loved the lake!  We ate supper and then headed out shortly afterwards.  By the time we got home, her hives were out, but it didn’t go any further than that. 

Our friends, Colin & Suzana came over to our place later in the evening and we had so much fun with them!!  We sat around the kitchen table and talked & laughed until after 2 am!  I’ve paid for it today, but it was worth it. 

Some photos:

D'Arcy, Evan & Sarah in the canoe; Alex on the raft

D'Arcy, Evan & Sarah in the canoe; Alex on the raft


Uncle Kevin's childhood dream, come to life

Uncle Kevin's childhood dream, come to life

The kids and the lifeguards on the wharf

The kids and the lifeguards on the wharf

I’ll have to post more later as it’s way past bedtime and breakfast will come very quickly!


One Response to “A weekend of celebration!”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    Looks & sounds like an amazing time. I am glad that you really gt to enjoy it.

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