Power Outage

August 11, 2008

Just as our guests sat down to breakfast this morning, the power went out.  Our power had been out for a week back in 2003 when Hurricane Juan came through, and we had guests the whole time, so we’ve had some experience making breakfast on the barbeque.   Luckily, the coffee was already made and in the thermos.  The guests thought it was an adventure (I hope!) and it came back on just as they were finishing up.  The wife of one couple was a travel agent, so I had been hoping to impress her.  Unfortunately, the dogs next door started barking at 7am and continued for a couple of hours… 

D’Arcy had to leave me at about the same time, to get to a meeting with his thesis advisor.  He ran into construction on the highway, so I think he ended up being quite late.  I am trying to get the clean-up done by myself, but the girls are pretty high-maintenance today.  The Olympics has pre-empted CBC Kids’ morning show, my babysitter during cleanup.  We don’t have a soul booked for tonight at the moment, but that can change very quickly.


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