August 20, 2008

As is the usual sequence of events, we started off our vacation much later than we anticipated – like we left the driveway at 1:10, when we had planned to catch the 1:00 ferry, an hour away!  However, it’s no small feat to pack up belongings for a week for six people, including a double stroller, playpen, lifejackets, five bikes, six camping chairs, helmets, groceries, a case of Olivia’s formula, board games, birthday presents, birthday cake & six loaves of homemade safe-for-Olivia bread.  I drew the line at bringing the golf clubs and said that if they wanted to golf, they can rent clubs! 


We took a run through the Wendy’s drive-thru and both girls were asleep before we were out of town.  What we didn’t realize, however, was that Sarah had fallen asleep with her drink in her hand.  As you can imagine, it fell out of her hand and she woke up screaming about fifteen minutes into the drive.  D’Arcy pulled over to the side of the road, and I climbed over top of the stuff & the kids to get to her and change her in her car seat.  (Did I mention that the Heavens opened up and it started to POUR just as we left town?!)  Luckily, the beach towels had been stowed between her and Evan, so I just put one under her to sop up her drink and we were back on our way.



We arrived at 2:35 for the 2:45 ferry, but had no problems getting on.  Our guests had warned us that it’s “Old Home Week” in PEI and that people were lining up two hours before for a ferry the day before.  I was a bit worried about the ferry, being out on the water with Olivia, especially when we discovered that there was a bus tour on board and not a seat to be found because of the rain.  Luckily, once we set sail, the rain turned to drizzle, so Olivia and I walked the decks most of the time while D’Arcy and the other kids played video games.  Sarah found the ferry entirely too loud, so we may take the Bridge home. 


The drive through more rain to get to Summerside was fairly uneventful.  We met up with Wanda, the owner of our beautiful cottage and she drove us here to Malpeque Bay where the sun was shining.  It was close to seven by this time, and we had stopped to get take-out at Subway, figuring that we wouldn’t be going to get groceries at that time.  Alex was so excited to get his supper that he didn’t even notice the fact that there was a different bike that we were unpacking – his birthday present!!  He had walked by it many times, hanging on the bike rack during the day, but didn’t notice that his own bike wasn’t there!    His reaction was priceless!!


We brought in most of the stuff, had our supper and “explored” the cottage.  Sarah kept repeating “I love this cottage – I’ve never been here before.”  Everybody was off schedule, so we put our pj’s on and played children’s Trivial Pursuit until we were all so tired we could hardly keep our eyes open.  At 10:30 (we had been up since before six) we decided to call it a day.  The cottage & the view are beautiful and I can feel us all relaxing already!



2 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    How beautiful and wonderful…I can barely handle 2 kids and the mess how do you do it with 4. What waonderful pictures…I hope you fully relax and can “catch your breath.”

  2. Kate Says:

    So, so jealous. I love Malpeque, and PEI… if we ever leave the States, that’s where we’re moving.



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