Day One – August 17th

August 22, 2008

  D’Arcy was the first one up this morning, as usual.  He had set the alarm (which I didn’t hear!) so that he could get up and work on his Thesis.  His plan is to get up before the rest of us each morning and get some work done… 

 I made toast for the kids, went for a run along the fields and then we got our bathing suits on and went down to explore our beach. 


Auntie Karen had given us beach balls to bring along, but the wind kept catching them and much to Sarah’s dismay, her “favorite” was swept right across Malpeque Bay.  She clung to one of the remaining balls with all her might after that!



The boys had a great time in the water, but Olivia wasn’t so sure.  I think perhaps the salt water bothered her eczema, because her legs were bright red when I picked her up!



She was happy to be carried around in the water, though!



We packed up and headed into Summerside to do some shopping.  We first stopped for lunch at the “Starlight Diner”. 


I had packed Olivia a lunch and we took her own booster seat.  It went well and Evan was pleased with his self-portrait, drawn on his placemat while he waited for his food. 





We got groceries for the week, got me a new bike helmet, found some Karaoke CD’s for the Karaoke Machine and had a trip to the Dollar Store since I had only packed books, and no toys.  We got some bubbles, paints, and sparklers for Alex’s birthday.  The best $2 I ever spent was on some foam number puzzles with Dora & Princesses on them.  Sarah sat on the kitchen floor of the cottage and arranged and re-arranged them for over an hour!  

What else is a girl to do while everyone else relaxes/naps/watches the Olympics?




You could also brush your teeth:


We had supper, and played outside until the sun went down.  Sarah loved the new streamers her father bought for her bike after her own all blew away on the drive here.

Apparently, Evan loved them too!

We played some baseball:

Shared a little love:


  and then when it got dark,  

we went inside and sang Karaoke – even Molly – until we were all ready for bed!

I could definitely get used to this!!



One Response to “Day One – August 17th”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    SO LOVELY!!!! I am glad you all are enjoying yourselves.

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