Alex’s 8th Birthday – August 18th

August 23, 2008

D’Arcy woke me up at 5:45 to watch the sunrise. I wasn’t too impressed at first since I hadn’t had a great sleep, but it really was beautiful.

He had already made coffee, so we took our mugs out on the balcony off our room. We were only there a few moments before the birthday boy joined us. How nice to have a little alone time with Alex on his special day before the rest of the siblings woke up!

We came downstairs and Alex watched some television while D’Arcy did some school work and I made the icing for his cupcakes. It was driving him crazy that he was not allowed to open the rest of his gifts, so joined me on my run, riding his bike. When we got back, Evan was up, so the three boys went out for a run and Alex was praying the girls would be up when he got back! Luckily, Sarah was and Olivia woke up shortly after they arrived.

He was happy to open his gifts, receiving the same card from both sets of grandparents

and a gigantic box of fruit-loops from his siblings. Evan had bought him new “Green apple Jelly” ipod earphones with his own money! They had some fun on the top bunk while we cleaned up from breakfast:

We packed a picnic lunch and headed out to Shining Waters Amusement Park in Cavendish for the day. The weather was gorgeous!! We rode some of the rides in the beginning,


and then D’Arcy & I took turns staying with the girls in the kiddie pool

while the boys rode the water slides.

 Alex & I rode the tube slides together, and I think it was unanimous that the “toilet bowl” was our favorite! We ate our lunch on the side of the hill while watching a magic show.


Alex was delighted to be the first volunteer to be called up.

After the show, the kids had a great time rolling down the hill while D’Arcy took the cooler back to the van.

We set off to go through the rest of the park, and Sarah was disappointed that she wasn’t tall enough to ride the roller coaster!

We spent some more time in the water park and then, due to the crowds and the sun (Olivia refuses to wear a hat!) I told the girls it was time to get out. I strapped Olivia into the stroller with a bottle and a towel shading her pink cheeks and bribed Sarah to go watch the boys on the slides by buying her an ice cream.

Luckily, the boys decided it was getting too crowded as well, so we left the water park and headed to some more rides.

While D’Arcy & Sarah were on the paddleboat,

Olivia choked on the bottle of water I had given her to play with and threw up all over the stroller. Then Alex got a nosebleed out of the blue. It wouldn’t be a day out in our family without some kind of adventure… We were all hot & tired, so decided to pack it in.

We found out that the only Boston Pizza in PEI is in Charlottetown, so decided to take a chance with another restaurant and chose “The Two Brothers” in Summerside. We first stopped in to the cottage to get our laundry, since we had to clean the stroller & towels anyway, and took them to the Laundromat.

I haven’t been to a Laundromat in years, thank heavens! I had brought along some laundry soap, and another lady there told me that the washers took $2 in quarters. I loaded up the first washer and it wouldn’t take my quarters, so I ended up moving all the laundry over to a second washer. I had problems getting it to take my money too, but D’Arcy had come in to see what was taking me so long and got it to accept all but 25 cents. I ended up having to ask that other lady for a quarter for my two dimes & a nickel because I had used all of mine. Then we went to supper.

It was a great restaurant and when we arrived, the place was pretty much empty. This was a good thing because Olivia is starting to realize that she wants to be like everyone else and did NOT want to get into her booster seat that we bring along with us. I finally took her outside and told her that she could either go inside and sit in her own seat or she could go sit in the van. She went back inside and we bribed her with straws to get her to climb in. Once she was in all was good. The food was great, but Sarah didn’t have a bite of her burger after she added “too much ketchup”!

(She had already filled up on bread & chocolate milk!)

D’Arcy scooted out before our meals arrived

and picked up the laundry which we hung up at the cottage when we got back.   Alex had told our server that it was his birthday, so she brought him a piece of cake.

We watched Canadian Idol together and had Alex’s cake during that time. We thought it appropriate, since he had wanted a Canadian Idol party to start with!

When Idol was over, they did their voting and then we went outside to light sparklers. Sarah, Alex & Olivia loved them, but Evan refused to hold any!

We came inside, put Olivia to bed and the rest of us sang Karaoke until we were all falling asleep. When the birthday boy falls asleep, the party is over!


2 Responses to “Alex’s 8th Birthday – August 18th”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    what wonderful fun!!!! I am so glad it was a fun birthday.

  2. LeeAnne Says:

    What a fun trip! Happy birthday to Alex! I have loved seeing all the photos from your trip — it looks peaceful and relaxing … and if you can do that with four kids in tow, you can truly do anything. 😉

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