August 19th

August 24, 2008

This was a quieter day. We all slept until sevenish this morning which felt heavenly! As I opened my eyes, a huge heron glided right by our window.  We got up and had some breakfast and D’Arcy put Olivia on the back of my bike and went for a bike ride with the boys.

We puttered around and I did some more laundry in the sink and hung it out. D’Arcy did some work on his Thesis Application, and we watched some of the Olympics. The rain started late morning and I crawled into our bed, overlooking the water with my book (“Eat, Love, Pray”) while Evan sat in the chair and did Sodoku. Olivia was next to me with a bottle and listening to the quiet & the sound of the rain drumming on the roof was pure bliss.

After lunch, I tried to put Olivia down for a nap, but as it turned out, she put me down for a nap instead! The kids played & painted with the Dollar Store goodies we had bought on Sunday.

The rain didn’t last long, so we went down to the Beach when the tide was out and collected shells.

 Evan went for a swim

and Olivia had an unplanned dunk.

They are excited to glue their shells to picture frames and put some vacation photos in them. Maybe tomorrow if it rains… We found lots of oyster shells and mussel shells,

and some huge tracks from the heron that had been visiting earlier in the day.

Olivia went down for a nap at quarter-to-four (we’re going to have fun getting back on schedule when we get home!) so D’Arcy and the older three went to play mini-putt while I stayed back to make burgers and sweet potato fries for supper.  It started to pour again while they were there, but they still had fun and Sarah even had a few holes-in-one! 

After supper, we sat around and watched the “Canadian Idol” results (what a travesty that Mookie was voted off!!), and then the Women’s Olympic Diving.  Olivia thought the divers were hilarious; she shreiked and giggled every time one of them hit the water.  The three boys, meanwhile, were rivited to the divers apparel…  Oh my.  When Jeff & his family had stayed with us last month, he had brought us a beautiful bottle of Scotch – not to be shared with guests – which we had been waiting for a good night to open.

The kids had popsicles

while we toasted another successful family day!


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