August 21st – Singing Sands Beach & Food Poisoning

August 26, 2008

It was a good thing that I had gone to bed early, because by three a.m., I was up for the night, sick. This was awful, and I’m sure it was from the ham since I was the only one who ate it, and I was the only one to get sick. Lucky me!

Our initial plan had been to get up early and head to Singing Sands Beach at Basin Head, almost to the East Point Lighthouse. D’Arcy looked after the kids and I have no idea what they did while I tried to will myself into feeling better. Some Ibuprofin did take the edge of my head & body aches and once I was able to keep down some dry cereal, we packed up and started off on the nearly two hour drive to get there. It was a gorgeous day, and I really didn’t feel *too* bad on the drive, but I do remember D’Arcy telling the kids, “You can’t talk to Mommy right now, okay…” I just had to concentrate on keeping it together.

We got to the Beach, which was beautiful (although we were all a bit disappointed that the sand didn’t sing to us at all!) and the tide was going out. D’Arcy bought the kids a pail & shovel which Sarah claimed as her own. She loved that pail and wouldn’t let anyone else near it, which drove Alex crazy! There were beautiful, big, cresting waves that the kids were able to jump & play in. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the beach:

Evan, Alex & D’Arcy had a great time together in the water:

And Sarah had fun playing in the waves closer to the shore.

Close to five, we decided to pack it up and call it a day, but drive around the scenic route. I was not feeling well at all, but thought I would be okay in the car. One of the classic moments of the trip happened as we were all walking back to the parking lot, and Alex pointed off toward the water and said, “Oh Mom – look at that!” “I know, isn’t it beautiful?!” I replied, commenting on the cloudless, azure sky, the shining water and the red of the cliffs surrounding it. “That motorcycle is amazing!” he said, about an orange motorcycle, parked at the entrance to the beach’s boardwalk. Both the lady behind us & I burst out laughing.

We stopped at the East Point Lighthouse and Sarah was already asleep, I was still green, Olivia was content with her bottle and Evan was relaxing, so D’Arcy & Alex climbed the 67 stairs to the top.

We stopped a short distance from East Point where there is a Wind Farm with 10 Wind Turbines set up. D’Arcy & Alex had been able to see them from the lighthouse. D’Arcy actually pulled over and explained how a wind turbine works and the difference between that and a windmill. There’s a Science lesson in everything! Olivia appears to be enthralled…

We got back to the cottage at 8:00, after stopping to get Subway for supper for the three older kids. Since the rain & wind had died down, D’Arcy got a fire going in the fire pit and we planned to roast marshmallows.

Unfortunately, the darkness at Malpeque Bay is much more dark than at home, so Sarah didn’t last around the fire very long! I took both girls up to bed while D’Arcy and the boys did the roasting and talked about doing some of their cub skits around the fire. Everyone was tired, so the boys came in to go to bed and D’Arcy ended up sitting out by himself until the fire died down. I would have liked to have joined him, but just couldn’t…


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