August 22nd – Cavendish

August 26, 2008

We are getting the whole “take-all-morning-to-not-do-much-of-anything” routine down pat by now! Our morning is spent with eating, some excercise, some school work, hoping the internet will be on so we can check in with home, and today – tattoos! They were the treat in last night’s Subway meals. Don’t ask, but my three oldest children have tattoos on their butts. I’m saving this photo to use as blackmail someday, although I’m still not sure for which one!

Knowing that we would be doing a lot of driving on our way home, we chose to spend our last full day at Cavendish Beach. I wish we had gone more than once. It’s no wonder that it’s the most crowded beach on PEI! It took us until close to noon to get away, and we had to stop at the Drug Store for more Alimentum for Olivia, some juice boxes, and a pair of sunglasses for D’Arcy. The boys had really wanted to go to Sandspit, but after doing some research, I decided it was not in *my* plan to spend over $100 for the six of us to go in, but only half of us to be able to go on most of the rides. 1/6 of us had to look after the other 1/3. (Pretty impressive math, eh?!)

As luck would have it, Sarah fell asleep on the drive to Cavendish. She has been crazy about Roller Coasters since riding the one at Crystal Palace in Moncton when she was just two. She got off and kept saying, “MORE RIDE!! MORE RIDE!!!” She was deeply disappointed the other day when they made her get off the roller coaster at Shining Waters (much smaller than Crystal Palace) because she was too short, so would have been devistated to see her father and brothers heading out without her – again! They went and bought tickets just to ride the Cyclone while I stayed in the van with the girls. I told them that if Sarah woke up, I would tell her that they were using the bathroom. I let Olivia listen to Alex’s iPod and take pictures with his camera, so she was quite happy! I even managed to get some photos of the boys on the roller coaster from the van in the parking lot:

We headed to the beach from there and had a wonderful afternoon. I just wish I could have taken the camera into the water because Olivia and Sarah’s expressions were priceless when the waves were cresting and they were in them!

The boys had a great time digging in the sand and ended up both getting buried.

We drove along the shore to Malpeque, where we had supper at “The Oyster Bar” on a recommendation from Kate & Willem, our friends from New Hampshire. There were two other tables there at the same time – both from New Hampshire! The food was great and it was a beautiful setting!

After supper was over, we headed back to the cottage for one last sunset over Malpeque Bay, and one last Karaoke night.


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