Time to say goodbye for this year

August 27, 2008

It was a sad morning when we woke up, knowing that our vacation will be over today – that is, until the kids found out that they got to finish up the Sorbet for breakfast! Any day that you get ice cream for breakfast can’t be that bad!


Check out from the cottage was supposed to be at 10:00 and we discovered we are the kind of guests we hate. Almost. We were out of the cottage shortly after ten, but it was eleven before we got out of the yard! We were packed in the van so tightly, I’m not sure how we fit ourselves in!! I’d like to think that we probably left the cottage much cleaner than most people do. For one thing, we had washed all the dishes , glasses, cutlery, cutlery tray, etc. on the first day to make sure we weren’t second guessing ourselves about what might be on them. I also cleaned all the fingerprints off the windows, vacuumed, etc. I would have hated for the owners to think we were slobs!

Our original plan had been to go back to Cavendish for the morning because we still had time on our pass for the National Park, but since it was so late, we went straight to Charlottetown and had lunch. Our server wouldn’t have won any awards for congeniality and actually aproached our table, saying, “Just so you know, we do NOT have any chocolate milk, apple juice, root beer or orange pop.” Well okay then! It’s a good thing our kids are good eaters flexible!

We enjoyed the sunshine, fresh air & each other’s company regardless!

We then headed over to King’s Castle Provincial Park, but didn’t stay too long. Watching Olivia try to keep up with her siblings on the ancient playground equipment was stressing me out, and the boys wanted to find another Ocean Beach rather than a beach on a river so that they could do some more “cresting”.

We hopped into the van and went to Northumberland Provincial Park, where we could watch the ferry arriving.

We caught the 6:00 ferry, and although Sarah found it just as loud on the way home, she enjoyed the ride much more!

You will notice in the above photo that Olivia is carrying her own epi-pens in her Guinness Cooler bag! There was a man on the ferry wearing a shirt which said, “Guinness is Gaelic for Genius”. I must find that shirt for D’Arcy for Christmas!!

A nice lady was kind enough to offer to take a photo of all six of us – the only one we have during this vacation!

We stopped off at the grocery store to make sure we had milk for when we got home and made a quick call to my parents to let us know what time to expect us. Of course, the girls fell asleep in the van, but we called again from one exit away to get my mom to fill the tub for some pretty grubby kids! We arrived home to a full house, but took them upstairs and the girls screamed all the way through the bath. Olivia wasn’t too sure about my mother which broke her heart. She did warm up as Ginna read stories to Sarah though. Mom & I put the kids to bed while D’Arcy unloaded the van and dealt with the guests. Then, when all was quiet, we started in on the seven loads of laundry! I thought it would never end! (In all honesty, five days later, it’s still not all put away – don’t tell my mother!)

We had a good night, except for the fact that I woke up to the sound of Sarah crying for me at 3:30 a.m., but I couldn’t find her! She had apparently become disoriented and went looking for me. She somehow got out into the guest hallway, and was downstairs, trying to get into the kitchen which was locked. I scooped her up and prayed that she hadn’t woken the guests! At breakfast, only one room said they’d heard her and he said that he was already awake. Phew. That’s never happened before!!

It was a great vacation, but we wished we’d had more time! I realize it was probably ambitious to take three books along with me, since I only read through part of one… We managed to keep Olivia safe for the week and do activities that all six of us enjoyed. Evan has put in a request to head to Ontario or Newfoundland next year since he’d like to go to a province he’s never seen. As long as we’re all together, I know we’ll have fun no matter where we are!

Now to get ready for school…


3 Responses to “Time to say goodbye for this year”

  1. Kate Says:

    pssttt….. the 2010 Winter Olympics are in Vancouver…. which happens to be where the Trans-Canada Railway runs…

    Just sayin’… Willem brought it up, himself, the other night.

    And, as for the t-shirt, it may have come from Rosie O’Shea’s Irish House in Newburyport. They once had a website, but it appears to be down right now. The Guinness thing is their motto, or so rumor has it. It’s about 30 minutes’ drive from here, so we can swing by and check it out sometime…

  2. bedandbreakast Says:

    Oh, wouldn’t that be fun!! I would love to meet up there, however, the Winter games are on during school. Haven’t we talked before, something about responsibility bites…

    As for the shirt, I’ll email you about that one!

  3. […] blunder was slightly more costly. I hung Olivia’s epi-pen bag (the Guinness one) on the back of a kitchen chair when we came in from outside this afternoon.  She often carts it […]

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