Doesn’t every B&B need a drummer?

August 31, 2008

Evan spent every morning last week at band camp and loved it!  He’s a percussionist, so I guess D’Arcy had better get started on that sound-proof room in the basement!  He has two friends in the band with him – Mira who is also a percussionist, and Ross, who is playing the baritone.  The third percussionist was a boy who played on Evan’s baseball team last year and one of the highlights of the week was when he threw up “purple” on the drum on Thursday.  We all went to their concert on Friday afternoon to hear everything that they had learned  (three notes)! 

I was quite disappointed to find out that the parents’ auxillary has stopped supporting beginner band as of this year because the person hired to lead the Senior High band does not feel that kids need to be starting this early.  I totally disagree.  This is the age they pick it up the fastest.  Luckily, Evan’s instructor also believes in the value of starting band at this age, so she is determined to continue the program on her own.  The thing I worry about most is that the fees will be so expensive that band will be come an elitest program and that other kids who might want to, will not be able to join as a result.  

Sounds like I have another cause on my hands…


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