Found a peanut and a new allergy!

August 31, 2008

We think we have pinpointed a new allergy – cinnamon! Olivia’s skin was beautiful when we came home from PEI, and on Tuesday we made cinnamon rolls for the guests for breakfast. The kids love it when we have those and gobble up all the leftovers. A short time after Olivia ate hers, her hives & eczema were back and her diapers were not at all pleasant to change (if you know what I mean!). We will test her in November at her next allergy appointment, but she is to avoid it until then. Poor girl!

In talking to her allergist, I found out that we do not get to challenge dairy again at her 2nd birthday unless she has seen the GI doctor (she was referred in July) and gets the okay from him. I told him that I think her “mystery reactions” are less likely to be exercise-induced anaphylaxis than they are contact with residue guests have left after eating pea/nuts in their rooms. Grrr. I have ordered new signs from Anaphylaxis Canada that say “No Peanuts or Nuts Please” and will post them on the bedroom doors. Four rooms in the past couple of weeks have actually admitted to us that they were eating nuts in the rooms and when D’Arcy was cleaning one room this morning, he found a peanut on the floor!!!

I get just as worked up when people open the windows and smoke in their rooms, knowing it is a non-smoking house, but at least when a guest does that they are endangering their own life. Eating peanuts in her home endangers my daughter’s life!


2 Responses to “Found a peanut and a new allergy!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Sorry to hear about your daughter’s food allergies. My son is allergic to soy,peanuts,eggs,wheat and dairy. I started a website I thought you might be interested in where I have lots of recipes that are free of soy,peanuts,eggs,wheat and dairy.

  2. destinyfay Says:

    Oh man, I can’t believe people,they just don’t get the seriousness of childhood illnesses (PERIOD.) I know with Derek we had issues with food being served that was off limits at family gatherings or people would call and ask what Derek could have and they would then cover it with cheese or whatever (stuff he could not have.) When kids ae “sick” or have reactions they are serious and we wouldn’t be making a big deal about it unless it was important. Well I am in a huff and could go shake a few people up for ya? 😉

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