She can spew with the best of them…

September 1, 2008

Olivia has been having a restless night tonight and I originally thought that perhaps she was picking up on some of D’Arcy’s stress since he is officially back-to-school tomorrow. I had made chicken pie from scratch for supper and blueberry pie for dessert, but just gave her some sorbet when we were eating that. While I was cooking, it was a bit chaotic around here, with guests arriving at the door, and I had to leave the room to answer the phone & take a reservation. I left the girls in the kitchen at that time and when I came back in, the girls were helping themselves to some (safe) pie dough!! I shooed them away, but at some point Olivia must have gotten her hands on a blueberry – or two, to be exact!

Shortly before eleven, I heard the telltale cry that we’ve come to know all too well and ran up the stairs just as she started to throw up. She’s becoming a real pro and after I got her to the bathroom, she was sick in the sink. Then she stood over the toilet to spit. I won’t go into any more details, other than the fact that amongst the mess, there were two blueberries. Teeny, tiny, wild ones.

Just another reminder that it only takes one (or two!) bite(s) to cause a reaction…


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