Zipping through the trees

September 1, 2008

Alex’s birthday was August 18th and Evan’s is September 5th, so this year my parents bought them a birthday gift to share – a zipline!  It’s set up in their backyard (over the grass, not the pool!) and I think we’ve now all tried it with the exception of my mother.  Perhaps she has, but she hasn’t admitted to it yet!  After Evan’s band concert, the kids wanted to go and show it to us.  Again, the photos say more than I can…

Overdressed, yet graceful as always...

Overdressed, yet graceful as always...

Sarah loves it!!  It’s tough to get her off; she runs back again & again, yelling, ” Go, Diego! Go!”  Watching the video of her makes me giggle! I can’t wait to see what Olivia thinks of it when she sees it in action, especially since she thinks she should be able to do everything her siblings do!!


2 Responses to “Zipping through the trees”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    That looks like so much fun! Is their yard on a slope? Maybe after our trees get bigger we can put one across the yard too (Nah? probably not, I can imagine the things my children will try.) What a great gift though!! You’ll have to post Olivia’s reaction.

  2. Susan & Phil Says:

    That looks like it’s a blast! We can’t wait to try it out when we come for a visit in october!
    We miss you all!

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