Happy 43rd Anniversary Ginna & Beanah!

September 2, 2008

As of today, my parents have been happily married for 43 years. Wow!

September 2nd, 1965

September 2nd, 1965

To celebrate, they are going down the Valley and spending the night at a five-star B&B and having supper at The Digby Pines. They finally told me yesterday where they were staying, so last night I called and we have looked after their room. I’m sure they won’t be impressed, but they are so hard to surprise with anything! We also decorated a photo frame for them, with some of the shells we picked up from our beach and three photos from our PEI trip. (It’s not as tacky as it sounds!) It’s to thank them for giving up a week of their summer to come and look after the B&B for us so we could get away as a family.

We are so lucky to have my parents close by and that they support us and are so willing to help out when needed. My mother is great about taking the kids, and my dad will always come down and look after the B&B if we want to get out and do something. Now that D’Arcy is back to school, they will both come down here each weekday morning to help with breakfast, cleanup & crowd-control. They also ferry the kids to their activities when we are unable to. Mom stood in line to sign Sarah up for dance lessons while we were away and got the second-to-last-spot. She’s also offered to pick Sarah up from Preschool on Tuesdays this year, take her to their house for the afternoon to feed her lunch and then take her to dance, leaving me with only Olivia for the day so I can theoretically got some of my work done!

My father faithfully cleans their pool for the kids, cleaned out my old loft in the garage so the boys would have a special space, installed the zipline, etc. for the kids. He & Olivia have a special bond and she runs into his arms and holds on for dear life whenever she sees him. He helps out around our house with the guests, painting, gardening, and other odd jobs.  When I spent all those weeks on bedrest with each girl and D’Arcy was at school, they took over to keep the household & the business running smoothly. To top it off, they both edit D’Arcy’s papers for his M.Ed courses and my mother cleaned and re-organized my linen closet while we were away.

I hope that they have a wonderful, relaxing day today & tomorrow and that they have many more happy years ahead!


One Response to “Happy 43rd Anniversary Ginna & Beanah!”

  1. Destiny Says:

    Congratulations to your parents. whatan accomplihment in this day and age. Staying committed to one person through thick and thin is so hard…WTG!!!!! How wonderful for them to want your B&B and Family to really succeed so you can be their at 43 years too. What a wonderful and loving family. BIG HUGS!

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