September 3, 2008

I just made my first batch of chow and what a process it has been! I, shall we say, slightly overplanted tomatoes in our garden this year. (And peppers too, to be honest, but they haven’t ripened enough for me to have to do anything with them yet!) When my father told me that I’d want about a dozen plants, I bought a dozen 4-packs! I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say I’ve got a few hundred tomatoes out there, and they’re ripening very quickly!! I’ve given some away, made tomato sauce for supper and now, 21 cups of chow! I’m going to have to look up to see how safe it is to make tomato sauce and can it, otherwise, I’ll just blanch the tomatoes and throw them in the freezer. I may run out of room in there before too long!!

I decided awhile ago that I wanted to make chow, because D’Arcy’s mom makes it and we both love it. (And, quite frankly, what else do you do with a few hundred tomatoes?!) I got him to call her and ask for her recipe which turned out to be the one from the “Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens” Cookbook. D’Arcy & Olivia went out in the mini huricane downpour on Sunday night and picked the tomatoes for me. I was all set to start slicing when we realized that Monday, being Labour Day, probably meant that we would not be able to get any jars. So we washed them and waited.

On Monday, Sarah & I started running them through the food processor. I hope we work so well as a team when she’s a teenager! I would core them and she would plug them through. We ended up with close to 35 cups of raw tomatoes and seven cups of raw onions and she stuck with me, helping do it all! We weighted them down (with a 2L pop bottle, a tin of tomato juice and two huge rocks from the yard) in a huge pot I have so that they could drain.

I drained them twice today, and added the vinegar, sugar & spices and set them to boil right after supper. D’Arcy had picked up the jars for me after school. I love the smell, but it has permiated our house, and apparently our clothes since the clerk at the grocery store asked D’Arcy if he’d been doing some pickling because he smelled like it?! I can’t imagine what I must smell like, having stood over the pot most of the night.

It’s now midnight and the last bottles are now almost finished their canning process in the hot-water bath and I am looking forward to taking them out and heading to bed!! Now to figure out what to make for supper tomorrow night that goes with chow…


2 Responses to “Chow”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    I never had chow…you’ll hav to share the recipe if it is any good-we are always up to try something new.

  2. bedandbreakast Says:

    It tastes better than it sounds! I’ll have to post the recipe tomorrow.

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