A couple of bonehead moves

September 8, 2008

We’ve had an expensive day here today, all because of being careless.

 I emailed D’Arcy at school this morning to ask him if he knew where the handset for the B&B phone was?  I figured the battery must be dead since when I hit the “find handset” button, nothing happened.  As it turns out, he had left it outside by the garage – key-pad up – while playing baseball with Evan last night.  Guess what?  It rained last night!  I left it in the sun & wind to try to dry it out and when D’Arcy came home, he took it apart to see if it could be saved.  The jury’s still out; I guess we’ll know tomorrow!

My blunder was slightly more costly. I hung Olivia’s epi-pen bag (the Guinness one) on the back of a kitchen chair when we came in from outside this afternoon.  She often carts it around like a purse, so I didn’t think anything of it.  I was making supper and the girls seemed well occupied and the boys were getting along great.  There was peace & harmony in the house, so I didn’t interrupt.  What mother-of-four in her right mind would?

Eventually, Olivia came to me with a bottle of Reactine in one hand and a bottle of Benedryl in the other.  I still didn’t clue in that trouble might be brewing.  I thanked her and took them away and put them on the shelf.  Then I went into the tv room and let out a scream.  The entire contents of her epi-pen bag were strewn around the floor:  her MSI card, Medic Alert information, measuring cup for the medicine she’d already handed me, wipes, anti-bacterial gel and – two epi-pens!!  They were out of their cases, the safety caps were off both and one had been set off! 

I calmly freaked out.  This means, I was freaking out on the inside, but knew that to get any information from Sarah, she couldn’t think she was in trouble.  So I asked all the questions as calmly as I could:  “What happened here?  Who did this?  Who set off the epipen?  Where?  Did anyone get stuck with the needle?”  (Deep down, I knew that if someone had been stuck with the needle, there would have been some screaming!!)

From what I could get out of Sarah, Olivia was playing with them and set it off in the rug.  Then, as told by her sister,  Olivia proceeded to use the needle to poke holes in things.  (Yes, we found the evidence!)  Great.  Did I mention that these are $110 EACH?!?!  Our insurance covers two per year and we have gone through, I think, FIVE so far this year!  The second one is “compromised” so we don’t know if it’s reliable or not.  I couldn’t get the safety back in, but when our pharmacist came to deliver a new one, she was able to get it back on.  We just don’t know if it will trigger in an emergency or not, so it’s now our backup epi-pen.  Sarah now knows that if she sees her sister opening one of her epis, she is to yell for us or her brothers – immediately, and she won’t get into trouble!!

Epi-pens are designed to be accessable and go off easily when you need them, so they aren’t exactly child proof.  I guess in the future, we’ll just have to go back to making sure that bag is kept up high, out of the way of 22 month-old’s hands. A 22 month-old who is obviously a bit lot more clever than her parents!!


4 Responses to “A couple of bonehead moves”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    OH DEAR!!! I can tell you from personal experience that having a child wit h a chronic health issue makes them and their sibilings VERY VERY SMART in these matters. At least you know tha she will be able to use tem herself by Kidnergarten (ok not too much of a comfort.) All I can really say is at least everyone is safe and sound…cause REALLY YUCKY things went through my mind when I first saw this post. Time for a hot bath and a glass or two or three of wine.

  2. Kate Says:

    Ah, another victim, lulled into the complacency of a quiet house.

  3. LeeAnne Says:

    Good grief … it never ceases to amaze me the havoc our children are capable of wreaking. Glad it turned out OK, albeit expensively.

  4. […] confessed tonight.  Almost a full year ago, “Olivia” set off two of her epipens!  Click here for the story. Tonight, Sarah confessed to her father that she was the one who set them off and said that Olivia […]

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