Sarah’s big day

September 9, 2008

Today is the day that Sarah has been waiting for all summer- her first day of preschool and her first day of dance class!! She was up bright & early and kept asking what time she would get to go and see Ms. Ellen. We took some photos to stall for time since the boys go to school at 8:25 and she didn’t have to be to preschool until 9:00. I actually think her first day of school photos turned out better than the boys did!

We stopped by to get her photo taken with cousin Neil who is also in her class. They are so adorable together!!

When we got to the school and the doors opened, Sarah ran in without even saying good-bye and started to play. I had to actually go and ask her for a hug. There were no tears from either of us. (I shouldn’t be surprised – none of our kids were reluctant to go to school, although I had a harder time leaving Evan – #1!!) I was out of there by 9:05 and she didn’t even seem to notice!

My mother took her for the afternoon and took her to her first dance lesson which starts just as the boys are getting out of school. As long as she has been talking, Sarah has been saying that she wants to be “a dancer on the stage”. She was thrilled to find out that her friend Kiera from Library, who was also at Preschool, is also in her class!

Sarah & Kiera before dance class

Sarah & Kiera before dance class

My mother was able to take this photo through the door to their dance studio while class was in session:

She came home so excited and told me that she was a “good listener”! I have a feeling she’s going to be a great student – something we value very highly in this house!! She showed me some of her new moves before she had to take her leotard off and give it to her grandmother to mend – apparently she & Kiera were hiding in the lockers and Sarah got caught on the hooks, getting two holes in her new leotard!! Thank goodness for grandmothers who mend!!

The boys were so excited to hear about her day and her only disappointment was that she didn’t get to go to the “big school”. I explained that she’d be going there when she’s five; let’s get through three first…


3 Responses to “Sarah’s big day”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    Congratulations Sarah!!! We are so happy you had a GREAT first day we hope you all have great days from here on.

  2. Kate Says:

    Oh, no, Annie. I don’t really know how to tell you this, and I know it’s a heartbreaker… but you don’t have any babies. They’re all big kids. Gorgeous and perfect, of course, but big kids. Sigh.

  3. Susan & Phil Says:

    Those kids are so cute!!!!

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