Deep breaths indeed!

September 18, 2008

Yesterday, I had a Board meeting of the Provincial Tourism Association, so I left the house around 9:30 to get there for 11, leaving my mother in charge of the house & the kids.  She had two rooms to clean, but I had the kitchen finished before I left.  This was the first time she ever had to look after both the B&B & the four kids by herself and she says that she’ll never do it again!  Let’s just say when I called at 3:30 to say the meeting was over and I’d be home in an hour, she sounded slightly panicked!!  I’m sure she slept well last night! 

My Board meeting was great.  There are a lot of really exciting things going on in the Tourism Industry right now and I love being in on it all at this level!  The meeting was supposed to end at two, but there was so much to discuss, we took an extra hour.  Next month, we’re having a retreat and expect to be working until late in the evening and then again early the next morning.

My mother had managed to get the rooms clean in the one hour Olivia napped.  As it turned out, she found peanut granola bar wrappers in the garbage of the room of our Michael Jackson wannabe and his wife.  And this is despite the following sign above the lightswitch when you enter the room:

We have this sign in all guest rooms now, as well as on our kitchen door and our front & back doors.  We also say in our guest information letter that we ask people to respect the fact our house is Peanut/Nut free as our youngest daughter has a severe, life-threatening allergy.  What else can we do?  Maybe we could charge a $100 “cleaning fee” like some hotels do if you smoke in a non-smoking room?  Or perhaps a sign saying, “If peanuts are more important to you than a child’s life, we would be pleased to find you alternative accommodation”?! 

I welcome any ideas…


3 Responses to “Deep breaths indeed!”

  1. Destiny Says:

    You can’t slap them upside the head Then I would fine them if they disregard the notices. Tell them of it whenthey check-in & of course have it in writing somewhere that they sign. I have to say they are ridiculous in not paying attention or just being obnoxious.

  2. susan & phil Says:

    Some people are idiots. I really don’t think they realize how dangerous a severe allergy can be (we know that from the time Phil accidentally ate a dip made with walnuts).
    I would fine anyone who disregards the notices. Make sure they are informed at check-in and have it in writing that they will be fined if any nuts or items containing nuts are found in their rooms at any time during or after their stay.

  3. Kate Says:

    I think it’s totally reasonable to start posting that you’ll charge $100 clean-up fee for having to extra-sanitize any room that disregards the signs. Or perhaps more – how much does an Epi Pen cost? THAT is how much they should pay.

    I get it, people like their peanuts, but guess what? You like your kid more.

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