More children?

September 25, 2008

Who’d have thought, but the boys announced at the lunch table today that they’d like to have at least two more children in our family.  Eek!  I’m not sure where that idea came from, but I do know that these new siblings won’t come from me!  If circumstances allowed, I’d have loved to have a big family like D’Arcy had when he was growing up; however, this baby-making factory has been permanently closed.  D’Arcy & I are both open to the idea of adoption, and I’ve always loved the idea of adopting an older child.  Maybe down the road when the girls are both in school…  Just don’t tell my father – he thinks there are too many children around here as it is!  Not to mention, we’d soon run out of room for the B&B!


2 Responses to “More children?”

  1. Destiny Says:

    I would love a large family too but it looks like we are stopping at only 2 😦 Adopting is a wonderful idea and I think it would be super generous to open your family, hearts and home.

  2. Kate Says:

    You can just turn it into a boarding school for a few years, no problem… 😉

    I think we’re likely to adopt, eventually. But we’re still trying to make more of our own, first.

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