Tooth Trouble for Sarah

September 28, 2008

Sarah had a bad fall at the playground of the boys’ school on Friday.  We had gone over there in the afternoon because it was the National School Run Day for the Terry Fox Foundation.  It was great weather and the kids had fun spending the afternoon outside!

  Evan ran non-stop and did 24 laps of the back field.

Alex, on the other hand, was running walking & talking with his friend Maddie, so he only got ten laps done!

Sarah spotted her friend, Belle, who is in Primary and Belle asked Sarah to run with her!  They were so adorable together!  I think they might have done two laps…

After the run was over and the boys had gone back into the school to gather their things up, I let Sarah play on the playground equipment while I talked to Auntie Karen and some other moms.  I heard a scream and immediately knew it as one of my own brood.  I ran over to where Sarah had been playing and she was covered in blood – her face & her hands especially.  She had knocked off her glasses, so I did a quick search and picked them up and put them on her face before I picked her up, knowing that she is lost without them.  (Have I mentioned before that Sarah sleeps, swims & baths wearing her glasses?  I guess when you start wearing them at seven months, they are a part of you!)  I ran her into the school bathroom and tried to wash her up.

The staff there know us well, so I soon had a clean towel for her.  I made the split decision to take her to the dentist since he is so close by.  She wouldn’t let me look into her mouth, so I wasn’t sure if she still had all her teeth or not.  It was the first time we had a chance to test our “safe house” at Auntie Karen & Uncle Kevin’s.  I took Olivia out of the stroller (figures this was a day I didn’t take the double stroller) and put Sarah in it and ran her over to his office, right around the corner.  Of course, he closes at 1:30 on Friday afternoons, so there was no one there. 

I called my mother and asked her to call and leave a message.  At this point, Sarah was able to tell me through her tears that yes, she did still have all her teeth, and no, they weren’t wiggly.  My mother must have jumped into the car right away, because she pulled in while we were still on the front step of the dentist!  I sent her to the store for popsicles and headed home with Sarah. 

When we got there, I realized that my keys were in the epi-pen bag which was at Auntie Karen’s with Olivia! Aargh!  I’m sure my blood pressure was quite high by this point!  My mother arrived home from the store and let us in with her key.  We got Sarah settled in on the couch with an ice pack, but she was a pretty pitiful sight!

Our dentist, Dr. Michael, called and decided that we would just wait & watch her teeth rather than traumatizing her by having him poke around when she felt like this.  She has an appointment booked with him for Wednesday anyway, so he’ll check her then when the swelling has gone down.

 She let me have a look at it yesterday and her gums are quite bruised.  She went to Chloe’s for a playdate yesterday afternoon, and Martha (Sarah’s godmother) was able to get some noodles and cheese into her for me!! 

She keeps asking me for Dr. Michael’s phone number so she can tell him that her teeth are still sore!  It’s a pretty yucky looking mess today, but I am so glad that it’s not as bad as it could have been!


One Response to “Tooth Trouble for Sarah”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    OUCHIE!!!!! Poor baby! She seems to be handling it like a trooper, as well as you too mom! I am curious what the dentist will say orif there is much to be done abot it. Our friend’s daughte knoked out her front tooth at 3 and she doesn’t have one -the dentist said they would wait for her adult tooth to grown in…She los her first tooth in her class WAY FIRST!

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