Student of the Month

September 29, 2008

There is a peace assembly at the end of each month at the boys’ school.  Everyone files into the gym and sings “Don’t Laugh at Me” together.  It’s the theme song of the Operation Respect  anti-bullying program.  It’s a wonderful program and hearing the kids sing it brings me to tears every time!  One class then presents a short skit, reading, or song, teaching about what it means to live in a peaceful school.  Two students from each class are chosen as “Student of the Month” and receive a certificate in front of their peers in recognition of a job well done.  This month, Evan received a Student of the Month Award for “his keen participation in class and for helping other students”.  I hope he is always keen and helps other people and I hope that none of them ever know what it’s like to be bullied!


One Response to “Student of the Month”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    Give a congratlaions hug from us!!! I doubt he will ever change-he is from a thoughtful carrying family, “the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.”

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