would your husband been as rude

October 11, 2008

This was the subject line of an email I arrived home to find yesterday afternoon after spending the day in the city with Alex & Sarah. I just love being harassed by strangers who are too cowardly to sign their name!

Original message (Only changed to take out the name of the boy’s school):

Hello there,

Last evening my son unfortunately stopped by your front door and politely asked if you would like to buy a magazine subscription which would support his school. You said no to my kind son, which is fine but you didn’t leave it at that, you continued to ask my son ” for what school” he explained “______ Middle School”, you then to an 11 yr. old boy said “oh I support the schools around here”. You Rude, Rude person, not lady, person. People like YOU unfortunately ruin for children that go out and put an effort, an effort in trying to raise money for their school, charitable organizations etc. The comment you made “I support schools around here” to my 11 yr. old son could be a comment made to another adult but let me tell you it is not a comment you make to a child, again you rude, rude person for feeling the need to say that to a child.

Your attitude as an adult stinks and I will never (not just myself) support you and your business.


p.s. I hope another child never comes knocking on your door, I can honestly say I am fearful for that.

Okay, so I replied and copied it to the Principal & Vice-Principal of her child’s school:

Dear “emailaddress@eastlink.ca”

I’m sorry that you felt I was rude to your 11 year old son who was out raising money for his school after dark last night. As Co-President of the _______ School PTG and mother of four children, I can assure you I most certainly was not rude to your son. We do support the schools around here, the school where my husband is a teacher, as well as the Boy Scouts, the Girl Guides, the Band, the Preschool, the Girls’ Choir, the basketball program, the curling program, and others. The children at ______ School are told that they are only supposed to fundraise to their own family & friends. I didn’t recognize your son and I know most of the kids in the neighbourhood, so that is why I asked what school he was fundraising for. These days, for everyone, there is only so much money to go around and I would not support any of our students fundraising in your area, unless it was to somebody they know.

(My Full Name)

Forty-two minutes later, I received the following:

(My name),

Now I understand you are the type of person whom likes to make unnecessary comments. “oh I support schools around here” after learning my son was not from around your area. “who was out raising money for his school after dark”. Now do you feel better after making that unnecessary comment. For your information my son had finished an activity “in your area” and was on our way home, I thought we would make the one stop just after 7:00 pm as I waited in my van watching my son at your front door.

This is not about the money, it is not about who you support, how many children you have etc. I can assure you, that indeed you were rude to my son. (My name), it was not the way you said it that made you rude, it was what you said. After asking a child from what school he is fundraising for is fine, but the need to make the comment you made after learning he is not from your area is RUDE. After knowing my son was not from around your area you should have left it at that. You can be assure that it was the first time in “your area” and the last.


I did NOT respond to her last email, and trust that her school will deal with this appropriately on Tuesday. I take comfort in the fact that the friends she might be bad-mouthing us to, are probably not the kind of clientelle we would cater to. Whoops – was I just being rude? 😉


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