Odds & ends while waiting…

October 23, 2008

As I write this, it’s almost eleven o’clock and we’re still waiting for a guest to arrive. I thought that the guests would have dried up by now, but we’re still getting some every night.  With the World’s Economy being what it is, this is a good thing.  I took a reservation tonight for November and we booked three Christmas parties for December this week.  Last night, we had a wonderful couple from Germany who were traveling through the Maritimes on their honeymoon.  They chose this area because she had read, “Anne of Green Gables” as a child and always wanted to come and see what it’s really like.

There was an article in the paper yesterday about a windsurfer who was stranded in the surf off the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia and ended up swimming 500 m to shore to the surprise of the searchers looking for him.  It caught my eye because i recognized the name – he was the Globe and Mail Photographer who came and spent the day with us last year when we were interviewed for an article about Peanut Allergies.  We’re glad everything turned out okay!

I’m pretty sure I have most things under control for Sunday’s Princess Party.  I baked the cake tonight and stuck it in the freezer to be transformed into a castle on Saturday.  I also baked some safe cupcakes to take with us to a birthday party on Saturday.  My mother helped tie ribbons to some flashing wands for the Princesses while she was here babysitting this afternoon and I was working in the school library, so other than cutting out all the hats to be decorated and getting the food together, we’re in pretty good shape.

Tomorrow is an in-service and D’Arcy is at a Conference for Science Teachers in Halifax all day.  My mom will come down and help out for a short time in the morning while I have a meeting about an upcoming meeting of one of the Boards I sit on.  I would like to go to bed so that I can be fresh for the meeting; alas, we’re still waiting…


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