Sarah’s First Movie Theatre Experience

October 24, 2008

Sarah, Evan, Alex & I went to High School Musical 3 tonight and it was great!  This was the first day it was in theatres, so I had gone out and bought the tickets earlier this week.  The boys have been great fans of the High School Musical Movies from the first one, and Alex planned his 7th birthday party around the Premier of High School Musical 2!

So I’ve been holding the movie over their heads all week – be on your best behaviour or I’ll give your ticket away…  That kind of talk.  All day today Sarah has been telling me and anyone else who will listen that she was going to the theatre and she’d wear a dress and they’ll rip her ticket and she’ll watch the kids dance on the stage…  Oops.  I guess she’s a bit too cultured.  She’s seen lots of live theatre, concerts, plays & ballet – just never been to a movie!  I had to explain to her that it was like a giant television and that it would be loud.  She decided to wear pants. 

I knew that the theatre opened at 6:00 and the movie was at 6:45, so we dropped Olivia off at my parents’ in time to get there shortly after the doors opened.  D’Arcy is off at a course and I wanted to be sure we’d get seats together.  The look on Sarah’s face when she walked into the lobby was priceless – she was amazed by all the lights, games, noise & people.  She got a HSM3 tattoo and I took their photo by the posterboard with the characters.

We scored some good seats, almost right in the middle of the theatre, and the boys held them while Sarah & went to get popcorn & orange pop.  She was in Heaven!  Of course, by getting there so early, we had a fair bit of time to kill, and she started to worry that it was going to be too loud.  She stuck her fingers in her ears pre-emptively and kept saying she wanted to go home.  

Sure it would be too loud and wanting to go home...

Sure it would be too loud and wanting to go home...

 Luckily, I was able to convince her to stick around for a bit and then they had a “Wildcat” come out to promote the movie.  She thought that was great (I thought he was a bit creepy!) and decided to stay. 

The movie started and she was mesmerized!  She was totally glued to it!  The content in HSM3 is a bit more mature than the first two, but I’m sure she sees worse on some of the shows the boys watch.  She loved Troy’s treehouse and the “Rocketman” cracked her up!  At one point, she looked at me, eyes wide, and said, “Mom, can you believe it that Troy and Gabriella are dancing on the roof?!  In that rain??!”  The boys laughed and cheered and bopped along with the music.  Sarah only had to go potty once (a cup of orange pop will do that to the best of us!) and picked a great point in the movie to go. 

Their mother, the sucker, had such a good time, I bought them the CD on the way out even though I’ve been admonishing my husband lately about spending money on wants as opposed to needs…  You can guess what we’ll be listening to on the drive to the Triplets’ birthday party tomorrow!  I find it fun to listen to the kids singing these songs and talk about the parts they liked the best.  We all agreed on the funniest part in the movie!  Alex even mentioned that one part almost made him cry and I had to admit that I was feeling quite weepy at that point too…

D’Arcy took the two boys when they went to their first movie and I missed out, so I’m glad I was there to watch Sarah experience hers.


One Response to “Sarah’s First Movie Theatre Experience”

  1. Kate Says:

    “She decided to wear pants.”

    May she always, always make that same sort of decision. 😉

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