November 3, 2008

So for Hallowe’en this year, we had a giraffe, a “unihorn”, a toilet & a bathtub.  D’Arcy dressed up as a plumber to compliment the bathroom fixtures, however, since the US election seems to be on everyone’s minds, he had more than enough comparisons to “Joe the Plumber” before the evening was over! 

The giraffe we bought for $20 for Evan to wear when he was two and each of the kids has worn it, so that makes it a $5 costume, right?!  The unicorn was a hand-me-down from cousin Erin, and this is the 2nd year in a row that Sarah has worn it.  D’Arcy & Alex made the toilet last year for Alex to wear, but he had the flu on Hallowe’en and wasn’t able to go out, so it’s been sitting in our basement and he’s been just waiting for this year.  Evan decided about a month ago that he’d like to be a bathtub.  They were trying to convince their cousins to go as a sink & a shower, but they didn’t bite…  We used the double stroller box, some white paint, cotton batting & a set of taps that were lying in the basement.  D’Arcy cut the straps off of an extra golf bag and we tied it on with ropes.  It was a neat costume, but quite heavy (the taps were old ones from a cast iron tub) and cumbersome.  I had to ask his teacher to walk down the stairs in the school with him because he couldn’t see his feet!

We had a great night and made it through without any allergic reactions!  Olivia wasn’t going to be left behind and was pushing her way to the doors of houses with her bag.  Of course, we only go to the houses in the neighbourhood that we know well.  Her godmother had made up special, safe bags of treats for our kids, and three other houses had either stickers or pencils for her.  My parents had made up bags with Sunny-D & Teddy Grahams for the older kids and Apple Juice & Organic Maple Arrowroots for Olivia.  When we got home, we took out any candies with peanuts & Mars bars (egg) and threw them out right away.  We learned that skittles, twizzlers & some chips are safe for her (dairy, soy, egg & pea/nut free) so her siblings get to share all her chocolate & other candies. 

We were able to get the kids to bed by about 9:00 and then I started working on Olivia’s birthday cake.  The doorbell rang at 10:15 and D’Arcy asked me, “Do we have a room?” to which I replied, “No – not at this time on Hallowe’en night.”  He went to the door and I could hear him telling the guy that we didn’t have any room.  When he came back into the kitchen he said that he thought we probably dodged a questionable one – the guy had a backpack, but wasn’t wearing any shoes!!  We turned out all the lights pretty quickly after that!

Alex the toilet at school

Alex the toilet at school


Evan the bathtub with his friend Alijah

Evan the bathtub with his friend Alijah


The giraffe and unihorn with Colin and Suzana

The giraffe and unihorn with Colin and Suzana

The spooks ready for trick-or-treating

The spooks ready for trick-or-treating


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