Olivia’s 2nd Birthday

November 4, 2008

When I think back to two years ago, I remember just wanting to get that baby out!  Olivia was due November 15th, but I was so happy to go into labour early!  I had had preterm labour, starting at 28 weeks, so was on strict bed rest until 34 weeks when I was allowed to be up & about, but was instructed to take it easy.  I was so tired of being pregnant and wanted her to come any time as long as it wasn’t on Sarah’s birthday or Hallowe’en.  I got my wish and she was born November 1st.  I am now realizing that the last week of October is always going to be chaotic here.

I started to bake Olivia’s cake on Hallowe’en night after the kids had gone to bed.  I was exhausted.  Since her birthday was on Saturday this year, we decided to have a pizza party with some family & friends.  The kids were wired & cranky and Alex & Sarah both got sent back to their beds for fighting at one point in the morning while I was trying to get the cake (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) decorated.

Helping with her cake

Helping with her cake

The cake was a safe egg, pea/nut, dairy, soy free white cake with lemon flavoring.  I made it with two bundt cakes and it was actually one of the easiest cakes I’ve decorated recently.  I used nibs for the feet and twizzlers for the antennae.  I was really pleased with how it turned out.

Sarah & I went grocery shopping and left D’Arcy & the boys in charge of clean up.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t as organized for this party as I normally am.  My plan was to have all of the pizzas (9) ready to go in the oven before everyone arrived.  That was a good idea in theory.  Jeff, Theresa & the three boys arrived for a sleepover at three and I put her to work.  Everyone else arrived around four:  Karen, Kevin & the three boys, Auntie Ruth & my parents, Olivia’s godparents, Bert & Lugene, and Colin, Suzana & Mira.  Bert & Lugene’s daughters, Erika & Rachel came over for a drink with Erika’s new boyfriend.  I was in the kitchen most of the time while some people hung out in the living room, some in the kitchen and Jeff took some of the kids outside to play. 

Lugene and Colin

Lugene and Colin

We fed the kids first:


and then set them up in front of a movie while the grown-ups ate:


Olivia opened some beautiful presents – my mother’s favorite was a new panda purse which her godmother brought her back from China.  It has replaced her Guinness Cooler bag as her epi-pen holder.  (She was getting embarassed taking a toddler places with a Guinness bag!)


We got the kids back to the table for cake.


And then they danced off their sugar-rush in the play room.



Olivia ended up having a reaction to something but I’m not sure what. She had hives, diarrhea & a bright red bum. We gave her some Reactine and it didn’t go any further than that. There was shrimp around, but she did not eat any and her allergist has said that he’s 95% sure she isn’t allergic to shellfish. She was very affectionate and hugging everyone, so who knows what people might have had on their clothes…

When the evening was over, my parents took Auntie Ruth home, Kevin & Karen took the boys home, Bert & Lugene left to go spend some time getting to know the new boyfriend, Jeff put his kids to bed, I put the girls to bed and Evan, Alex & Mira played Monopoly while Colin, Suzana, Theresa, Jeff, D’Arcy & I stayed up talking.  It was a great night but I was very glad that the time changed and we got an extra hour of sleep on Sunday!!  A fun party, but I sure am glad that birthday season is over again until next year!


2 Responses to “Olivia’s 2nd Birthday”

  1. Destiny Says:

    That cake was great (it is also one the favorite books here.) I am glad Olivia’s reaction dd not go any further, but sad she had one at all. You have some of the best parties. Than you for sharing.

  2. Trisha Says:

    Hi there!

    I just came across your blog searching for info on egg allergies. My little boy has the allergy too, as well as peanuts and oats.

    Not only do we have two year olds with allergies but they both celebrated their birthdays with the very hungry caterpillar! Too funny!

    Good luck with everything. Take care!

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