Volunteer Tea

November 13, 2008

I have three or four posts from the past week which are half written.  The days are flying by so quickly.  Tomorrow, we are hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon for a major medical Association at the B&B.  When they first approached me, I said that we would do it for free.  We have volunteered for them for a few years now and in May 2007 received an Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Lieutenant Governor at Province House on their behalf.  I can’t imagine charging them to do this.

However, the date has changed three times.  It was originally scheduled for May, but was cancelled at the last minute.  I was asked if I would make some treats and tea to have on hand “just in case somebody shows up anyway” so I stayed home and sure enough, one couple did show up.  The second scheduled date was in October and the third is tomorrow.

I heard two days before Hallowe’en from the organizer and she told me she was going to be driving through town that day so would stop in and talk some things over with me.  I asked what time she was planning to come and she said around 2:30.  I told her I was sorry, but I wouldn’t be here as I already had a committment for Friday afternoon.  (The Hallowe’en party at the boys school, but a committment nonetheless!)  She asked me how many people we could accommodate, so I told her around 65 stand-up is comfortable.  She asked about how many if they were seated, which I replied between 20-30, thinking she was talking about just around the peripheral area of the rooms.  Bt no, she wanted everyone to be seated  – at tables!  With linens and china and cloth napkins.  “Oh,”  I stammered.  “You hadn’t mentioned that before.”  Let me just add – we are a B&B – a family home.  Not an inn nor a restaurant.  To seat 30 people at tables is possible (we did a sit-down rehersal dinner for 40 a few years back) but is A LOT of work.  We have to move all of the furniture out of our living room and set up extra tables.  The organizer offered to arrive at 10:00 to help me set up, but I politely told her that was not necessary.  In my mind I was thinking, “Are you crazy??”  Does she really think I’m going to start setting up for 30 people just two hours before they arrive?

To top things off, Alex has an eye appointment in Halifax at the IWK and our caterer has to work at another restaurant because she rebooked on such short notice.  As it stands, D’Arcy & I will get the furniture moved and the tables set up after bedtime tonight, my mother is going to take Alex to the city for his appointment, Evan will walk the girls to Auntie Karen’s for the afternoon on his way back to school after lunch, the caterer will drop the food off on his way to the restaurant and I will run the show. 

Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Volunteer Tea”

  1. Kate Says:

    Good luck, indeed! It all sounds like quite the adventure!

  2. Destiny Says:

    oh dear, that sounds like a ton of work!!! now I am curious how it went?

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