My Friends are Hurting

November 16, 2008

I have a group of friends that are so special to me.  We connected about five years ago after we had all had miscarriages and then were all pregnant at the same time.  We helped each other through the terror of being pregnant after a miscarriage, when every twitch or pain is a sign that things may be over.  Nobody really understands that fear, unless they’ve been through it.  Not even a husband, totally.  We all had babies within a few months of one another and realized that more than just going through a common experience, we actually liked & respected one another.  We live on both coasts of Canada & the US.  The eight-ish of us keep in touch through the computer, every day.  Even if we don’t say hello, I think most of us check in at least daily. 

In those five years, we’ve been through a lot:  transplants, secondary infertility, tubal pregnancy, husband problems, serious illness, surguries, Cancer, financial crisis, eye problems, hearing problems, family problems, in-law problems, learning difficulties, depression, in-laws with issues, loss of pets,  job loss, learning to live with anaphylaxis…  I could go on.  However we celebrate the celebrations in one another’s lives as well:  we’ve added five more babies, job successes, awards, traveled vicariously through one another and some of us have had the pleasure of getting together in the flesh. 

We have become like sisters over the years.

Right now, though, we’re going through a rough patch – lost jobs, rocky marriages, ramifications of a botched surgery, disappointment with reactions over the US Election Results, loneliness because of a husband working away for long periods, etc.  I feel helpless.  Geography prevents me from delivering a meal, babysitting, or sharing an ear & a bottle of wine…  I just hope that they know that despite the distance, I am thinking about them and I wish I could somehow make it all go away!


One Response to “My Friends are Hurting”

  1. Kate Says:

    It really is time to just build that commune and get rid of all this pesky geography nonsense.

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