One milestone I WON’T be sad about!

November 18, 2008

Every new milestone Olivia reaches (as number four and the last child) is bittersweet, knowing it’s the “last first”.  However, Olivia has spent the last six hours in the same pair of panties with no accidents!  I’m ecstatic!  This is one milestone I’ve been waiting for!  I hardly dare to hope that I’ve bought the last box of diapers…  She’s even telling me when she needs to go!   

We used cloth diapers for the first three, but I am ashamed to admit, when Olivia outgrew the little cloth diapers we had, I started to use disposables.  With the amount of laundry we do already between the B&B and six of us in the house, that extra load put me over the top.  I do miss the sight of a line of diapers drying on the clothesline in the sunshine though…

Off to make Southwestern Chili for supper and some fresh whole wheat rolls.  The recipe appears to be safe for Olivia.  If everyone will eat it at suppertime, I’ll consider this a pretty successful day!

** So everyone is now in bed – Olivia went the whole day without an accident and did NOT want a diaper for bed.  She is very proud of herself!  The chili only went over well with myself, Alex & D’Arcy and that was after D’Arcy ate all Alex’s chick peas & kidney beans; Olivia spit it out, Sarah wouldn’t touch it, and Evan finally ate his between two pieces of bread as a sandwich after we threatened that he wouldn’t get to go skating if he didn’t eat anything…  And I’m told I’m going to miss these days eventually…


One Response to “One milestone I WON’T be sad about!”

  1. Destiny Says:

    woohoo Oliva!! what a big girl, I can’t blame you in beign excited that diapers are hpoefully a thing of the past.

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