Snow, toilet training, asthma & flu shots

November 20, 2008

It’s 11:36 p.m. as I start to write this and we’re still waiting for our last guest to arrive.  It’s been snowing here all night, our first snow of the season, and they’ve actually closed down the highway to the North of us.  Her flight was supposed to arrive earlier this evening, but another guest was telling us that it took someone she knew two hours to get from the airport to here earlier this evening.  The highway advisory says that the roads are passable with caution.

Olivia made it through Day Two wearing panties with no accidents!  I even took her out for the morning; I just packed an extra pair of pants in her epi-pen bag.  She did fall in the toilet once while in her father’s care, but that hasn’t seemed to deter her.  I am thrilled!!

The girls both had well-baby checks with their family doctor this morning.  He was pleased with how healthy and robust Olivia is, despite her allergies.  She’s still off the chart for height & weight and her skin currently looks great.  Her eczema is mostly gone, with the exception of a couple patches on her feet.  She seems to be outgrowing her reflux, so we’re going to take her off her Prevacid.  However, she does have a wheeze in her lungs.  We’ve been warned that due to her allergies, she’s at increased risk of asthma, and to be honest, I think we’re pretty lucky that none of the other kids have it since I do.  He perscribed a rescue inhaler for now and we’re going to keep track of how often we use it.  Her allergist also is an asthma specialist, so I would imagine we’ll talk to him more about a diagnosis and plan of action at her appointment in January.

We had a long discussion about the flu shot since Sarah is just getting over a cold and was a bit wheezy herself.  She ended up very sick after her flu shot last year (two trips to the ER for sustained high fever – 106*F – over a week) and I was concerned that the same thing could happen again.  We have to outweigh the benefits & the risks.  Olivia can NOT have a flu shot due to her anaphylactic egg allergy, and she & I are at higher risk if we get influenza.  Everyone else in the family is in school & activities, so are at higher risk of contracting it and bringing it home.  Not to mention, we don’t know what guests are bringing into the house after traveling.  We decided it would be prudent to get it again this year, but since Sarah’s not at 100%, Dr. E offered to come over to our house next week when she’s feeling better and give all five of us the shot!  Did I ever mention how much I love him?!


5 Responses to “Snow, toilet training, asthma & flu shots”

  1. Hi, I just started to read some of your posts and think that you are staying up far too often for late guests. We are Bed & Breakfast Consultants and owned our own Inn for 9 years. When a reservation was made, we advised if they arrived later than 9 P.M. we would leave them a late night note. When it came to 9 P.M. we wrote the note and called it a night. Hope this helps and visit our Blog at Rebecca

  2. susan & phil Says:

    It is hard for us to imagine snow in Truro when we were just there a month ago and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! We have had a week of nice weather here in Oregon and now it’s on to the northwest rainy season.
    Congrats to Olivia on passing that important milestone!
    Give all the kids a hug from us!

  3. Destiny Says:

    Can anyone have the inhaled version of the flu vaccine? It is a live virus HOWEVER I think it possibly could be a benefit for a couple of you there. Just something you might be able to consider as well.

  4. Destiny Says:

    I take it back…I think the Mist would be even worse for your family!

  5. Yes, probably far too late, however this was a regular, driving in a snow storm and I wouldn’t have slept worrying about her on the road anyway… We live close to the airport, so we welcome late arrivals with notice. We knew she was on an evening flight to start with, but it was delayed for de-icing in Toronto. We wrote a note at 1 a.m., but she arrived just as we were putting it out.

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