Egg-Free Egg Nog

November 26, 2008

Our family loves eggnog.  D’Arcy & I will put it in our coffee instead of cream and the boys love to drink it plain!  Not to mention, it’s so yummy spiked with some rum as the holidays get closer… (For us, not the kids!)  Olivia was diagnosed with her anaphylactic egg allergy last year at about this time and we gave up egg sandwiches, crepes (although we’ve since learned to make awesome vegan ones!) and – gasp – eggnog!  Those three things just seemed too risky to have around since we were told that if we forgot and kissed her on the mouth after eating or drinking, there would be a chance of giving her an anaphylactic reaction.  Also, the chance of the kids getting the egg on their hands and touching things before washing them seemed inevitable… 

Last year, thanks to my friend Karen, I was able to make egg-free eggnog for everyone.  It actually tasted pretty good, but at the rate we go through it, was quite time-consuming.  Mind you, I was making enough to take to all parties & family functions that Olivia attended too.  I will have to dig out the recipe to post for anyone who is interested.

When I was getting groceries the other day, I wistfully looked at a 1L carton of Scotsburn Eggnog, now out for the holidays.  I read the ingredients, hoping that the eggs had miraculously disappeared from the list.  To my astonishment, they had!  I read the carton three times and bought some.  I triumphantly took the carton home and announced to the family that eggnog is now egg-free. There was much celebration!  The carton was emptied in a day, so this morning, when I went to the store to buy rice milk for Olivia, soy milk for Alex & Sarah (they prefer it!), and cow’s milk for Evan I also picked up a 2L carton of eggnog.

My mother was at home with the girls and as I was unloading the milks, I was telling her about my great discovery.  I told her “Look at the ingredients – no eggs!”  Uh-oh…  On the carton, plain as day, it said, “FROZEN EGG YOLKS”!  So this is why they tell parents lead the label EVERY time!  I dug the 1L carton out of the recycling and sure enough, the ingredient list was different.  I couldn’t imagine they used a different recipe for the different sized cartons, so I called the company and left a message explaining the situation, meanwhile returning the eggnog.

Just half-an-hour later, the phone rang and it was the manager of Scotsburn Dairy.  She had received my message and wanted to assure me that as of this year, ALL of their eggnog is egg-free; they just had some 2L packaging left over from last year and were using it up.  She was very apologetic about any inconvenience this may have caused and said that she understands how serious allergies are.  They made the decision to change the recipe due to food safety concerns, but regardless of the reasons why they changed it, you can be sure we’ll be buying Scotsburn all the way this year!

*(I probably should mention that Olivia, obviously does not drink eggnog, egg-free or not, due to her dairy and soy allergies.  It’s just nice to know that WE aren’t putting her at risk by drinking it!)


2 Responses to “Egg-Free Egg Nog”

  1. Destiny Says:

    Hooray hooray hooray!!!!! At least for all of you-I don’t like eggnog but can understand if something you totally love to comsume is removed from your diet.

  2. Heather Says:

    My son is allergic to soy, peanuts, eggs, wheat and dairy. I wanted to tell you that I was really excited to find Rice Dream “Rice Nog” on the shelf this year!!

    Also,I started a website to help other people who suffer from food allergies. SPEWD Free has allergy friendly recipes and an allergy blog.

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