“The Greatest Invention” – By Evan, Gr. 4

November 27, 2008

Copied word-for-word from a rough copy I found in Evan’s backpack for school:

I think that the epi-pen is the greatest invention because without the epi-pen, some people might not be able to live.

The epi-pen affects my life because without the epi-pen, my sister might not be alive.  My parents would be affected because they might only have one dauhter.  Once my sister had a reaction and she didn’t have the epi-pen, when she got to the hospital her blood pressure was so low they had to put the I.V. in her foot.

Without the epi-pen I might not have a sister.  It would be very hard to live for some people.  Some people might only live to the age of three without the epi-pen.  The world population might only be almost 6 billion not almost 7 billion people.

I can improve the epi-pen by making no needle in the epi-pen.  Instead I would make it in bottles so that if you left it out in the cold you would still be able to use it.  Even if it was fifty below zero!


One Response to ““The Greatest Invention” – By Evan, Gr. 4”

  1. Kate Says:

    Such a sweetheart. I wouldn’t ever (EVER) want to homeschool my kids, but I do envy the little glimpses of personality and home life that the teachers get, sometimes…

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