Odds & Ends

December 12, 2008

Life has gotten away with me and I haven’t updated lately:

I have been without a washer since Saturday.  I don’t think I need to articulate that this is not a good situation when one has four children & a busy (still) B&B!  Luckily my mother has stepped up and when I drop a basket of dirty clothes off to her, it magically reappears, hours later washed, ironed & folded.  The part was *supposed* to arrive yesterday, maybe tomorrow, but I’m NOT crossing my fingers…  😉

Olivia’s words are coming fast & furiously now.  None of the others took this long to speak, but she obviously was waiting until she had things right.  Evan named my parents “Ginna & Beanah” right around this age.  Olivia has started calling Evan “Bobby”, Alex “Allie”, Sarah “YaYa” and herself “OhOh”.  It’s pretty cute since most of her other words are very clear.  No one is sure where “Bobby” came from, but we find “OhOh”  is particularly appropriate.  She is reliably toilet trained now, so we don’t care what she calls people!

We had a new group here on Tuesday night for their Christmas party.  They were – shall we say – more rowdy than most of our groups.  Let’s just say that I have a housekeeper who comes in and helps me for three hours each week and she found a beer bottle under the front desk while doing the floors today.  Say no more.

We’ve had two storm days this week; today went much better than Monday’s.  D’Arcy is working on his M.Ed Thesis and it is taking a lot out of all of us.

D’Arcy’s dad turned 82 yesterday.  We missed the party because of life & the weather but will make an effort to go see him Sunday afternoon.

Our niece is coming for the weekend and will babysit for us Saturday night because we are going to a party.  The three older kids are in a play at church on Sunday, so she’ll get to come along to that too.

My Christmas cards are almost done. Almost…  We made Sunbutter Balls yesterday, so the holiday season can officially begin.

The boys have just four school days left at their wonderful school.  Tomorrow is the school-wide pizza lunch and swim party.  Hope there is school so they can enjoy it!

That’s the basics for now.  Will try to update more soon!  Off to bed so I can be up for 7:30 breakfast!


One Response to “Odds & Ends”

  1. Destiny Says:

    could ‘Bobby’ be for big Brother or something of the like? ‘Ohoh’ is particularly hilarious to me as well. 😀
    Sounds like you are as busy as ever and will havea full Christmas season. GREAT BIG HUGS!

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