Exciting News!!

December 15, 2008

Alex had his every-four-week eye check at the Children’s Hospital today.  It was the moment of truth because he has been on a plateau since September.  If he didn’t have any change today, we would have been able to wean off the drops (we’re still chemically patching).  Wouldn’t you know, he is back to LEGAL DRIVING VISION!!  He improved a whole line this visit!  He got to this point last winter, but slipped back after his eye surgery. 

We are so thrilled because this particular line has always been the ultimate goal.  He will continue to get his atropine for another four weeks to see if he will go any further.  I don’t hold out hope for that, but am so proud that he has gotten to this point!!


2 Responses to “Exciting News!!”

  1. Kate Says:

    Congratulations, Alex!! So exciting!!!

  2. Destiny Says:

    That is such wonderful news and to get it right before Christmas, Congratulations Alex!!!!

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