We ate peanuts tonight

December 21, 2008

We received an invitation to a party tonight from Evan’s godmother’s sister. Evan’s godparents are in town for the weekend from Montreal, so figured it was easiest to just gather everyone in one spot rather than them having to travel around to see everyone else. The invitation said to bring the kids along, so I replied that we would love to come, but would there be peanuts or nuts around because if so, we would find a babysitter for Olivia.

She replied, much chagrined, that she hadn’t even thought about that and yes, there would be some around. No problem; I don’t expect everyone else to change because of us, I just like to know what we’re dealing with. I called my mom and asked her if they would be home and could I drop Olivia off for a couple hours while we went to visit.

D’Arcy took the girls with him this morning when he went to the recycling depot and the workers there always give Sarah a sucker when they’re through dropping things off. D’Arcy told her this morning that she wouldn’t be able to have one today because Olivia can’t and she didn’t even complain! Then it hit me! I called my mom again and asked if she would mind if Olivia stayed overnight with them and we could eat whatever we wanted at the party without worrying about giving her a reaction. She didn’t mind at all.

So we went to the party and we ate and ate and ate. We had all kinds of different things, including peanuts – and they were yummy! I do feel somewhat guilty as I eat them, but I’ve also read that if the other siblings go too long without eating peanuts, they can develop an allergy as well.

When we got home, the five of us stripped off immediately and put our clothes in the washer off our kitchen, which (thankfully) was finally fixed yesterday, and did the naked run upstairs to wash up and get our pj’s on. (Nice visual, I’m sure!) I was so touched by how well the kids washed then brushed their teeth & flossed & rinsed with mouthwash – without being asked! They really seem to understand that it was a treat tonight, but we’re back to being careful now.

The next time she goes away overnight with her grandparents, I think we’ll have Chinese food & lemon meringue pie…


One Response to “We ate peanuts tonight”

  1. Destiny Says:

    What a wonderful Christmas gift to the rest of you. There is no reason to feel guilty, you did it all right, enjoy. Big hugs. Lets hope for lots more of Christmas miracles (big & small) at your home and B&B.

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