Washer Woman

January 6, 2009

Back at the beginning of December, our washer stopped washing.  In a house with six permanent residents and a multitude of guests coming in and out the door, along with Christmas functions and extra holiday washing, we do a LOT of laundry!  My washer & I have a love/hate relationship because although it is probably my most used appliance, I HATE doing laundry!!  I would rather wash windows, dust, or scrub toilets  any day! 

When the washer first stopped spinning, the appliance guy came right away because they were aware we run a B&B and do a lot of laundry.  It turned out that the switch in the door latch was gone and we needed a whole new door latch.  (Our washer is a front-loader, so without the switch, the washer wasn’t recognizing the door was shut and wouldn’t engage.)  The switch turned out to be back ordered, and then when it finally arrived from Ontario, it was broken, so another one was ordered.   It finally arrived and was replaced on December 19th for *just* $250.   By then, my mother had taken pity on us because we were buried under laundry and started taking it all to her house each day and returning it folded and ironed! 

I wasn’t sure I wanted to give up this sweet deal, but did a few days of laundry.  I let it pile up over Christmas, and on Boxing Day, when I went to put a load in the dryer, noticed that the load was still soaking wet.  I set the dial to spin and turned it on.  It clicked, but didn’t spin.  Then we smelled a sulphur-y smell.  I tried again.  I tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t unlock.  I called the appliance guy again in a panic, only to learn that they were on holidays until the 29th!!

He came over right away when they re-opened and pronounced the motor dead.  I immediately thought – well at least there are still Boxing Day Sales on…  Alas, when we re-did the laundry room two summers ago, we stacked the dryer on top of the washer, so to replace one, we now need to replace both.  Needless to say, as much as I’d like to do my part to help stimulate the economy, we decided to replace the motor.  The appliance guy called to tell me that due to the New Year’s holidays, he could probably get a motor in by the 5th.

My brother heard my whining and happened to have a washer & dryer sitting, unused, in his bedroom.  (They were in the basement of the previous restaurant and he doesn’t have room for them in the new location.)  He asked me if we wanted them, and for the cost of his gas & time, he delivered them to our basement on Sunday night.  Now I have two washers that don’t work!  The washer & dryer were originally in the basement, but the pipes have been capped off.  D’Arcy can hook them up, but is due to defend the first part of his Thesis next week, so it won’t happen until after that!

As it happens, both girls have had chest colds and have been coughing until they throw up – and they’re not fussy about whose bed they do it in.  We actually had to put guest sheets on our bed because they went through all of our sheets – and blankets – and pillowcases – and two duvets!!  I waited all day yesterday in the hopes that the motor would arrive.  Finally, at suppertime, he called and told me it had arrived by courier and he would be by to install it today.  D’Arcy went out and got some stainless steel washer hoses since we had not replaced the rubber hoses in the ten years we’ve had the washer, and asked him to replace them at the same time.

Today’s bill was $450.  However, we had the bearings changed two summers ago, and now the door latch, hoses and new motor so I essentially have a brand new washer!

More importantly though, I have a whole new appreciation for the ability to do laundry – we’ll see how long it lasts!


3 Responses to “Washer Woman”

  1. Destiny Says:

    I’m sure your laundry will miss ita wagon rides to and from your mother’s home. 😉 I know our motor is going and I hope it will drag on a few more months.
    Congratulations on the repaired washer though, I know hard it can be without one.

  2. My washer and dryer went out at the same time a few months ago…granted, I don’t have 6 people living in my house, but I can relate on some level. What a nightmare!

  3. Barbara Helen Says:

    We haven’t always had a machine and when we got our new one it got old and broke down about the same as yours. So when this happens to me……….I go to laundromat and made new friends for free and of course for the cost of using a machine……did you know that you can use many machines all at one time? So you might consider activating your second machine and then your laundry can get done in half the time!
    So if you have six loads you can wash them all at once as long as you get to the laundromat at a quiet time. Other wise you can take six hours and chat with everyone while you do six loads…..and space out the drying. It makes for an inviting day…Whatever the situation humour and praising the Lord can help to make everything just right. Have a great day.

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