New School Observations

January 11, 2009

I bundled the girls up on Friday afternoon and we walked down to meet the bus bringing the boys home after school.  It arrived right on time, and Evan got off first.  All the moms were asking as each child got off, “So how was it?”  Evan, being the more discerning of our two boys, answered, “Good – but Willow Street was better!”  Alex’s answer: “AWESOME!!”

As it turned out, Evan was basing his reply on the fact that they had to leave so early in the morning, he didn’t have enough time to finish everything I gave them for lunch, and it took a LONG time for the teachers to get everyone on the right bus in the afternoon.  I can only imagine the bedlam of trying to help over 400 kids who have never taken the bus before find their right one!!  Alex’s only complaints were that “It felt like we walked all day!” and he didn’t get a chance to play on the 0ne piece of playground equipment because there were too many other kids.

It sounds like it was quite a production when they first arrived in the morning.  There was a bagpiper and the whole local hockey team was there to help the kids find their way from the bus to their classrooms.  There were news reporters, and tons of parents.  From all accounts, the first day went well with only a few hitches at lunch and after school.  I heard from one of the teachers this weekend that they had a meeting once the kids were gone and have come up with a color coded system to hopefully speed things up at the end of the day.

I was annoyed that one of our neighbours, who has a child in Alex’s class hung around to walk home with us after the bus dropped the kids off.  The boys were so anxious to tell me about their day and I really wanted to hear all about it, but she dominated the conversation on the walk home, ranting about a letter she had written to the Minister of Education about how they were affecting the mental health of the children by moving them mid-year and we aren’t keeping the kids’ safety in mind because not all children are eligible to take the bus, (why would you want your child on the bus if they live close to the school – isn’t it healthier for them to walk and get some fresh air?!) etc…  I wanted to tell her to be quiet but held my tongue and apologized to the boys when she went into her own house.  I wonder if her son ever got to tell her about his own day?!

The boys are eager to go back and that is the main thing.  I think Monday will be a bit of a shock for the kids since it has been awhile since there has been much actual teaching going on.  From the last week of November until they were let out early for Christmas break, most of their time was spent on Christmas or school closing activities, then they had over three weeks off, and now it’s back to reality!  The only thing that might put a damper on it is that we’re expecting another heavy winter storm today/tonight and another on Wednesday.  Our family has a lot of traveling to do this week, so I really hope that the storms don’t amount to much for a change…

Evan had his friend Liam who used to go to another school over after curling on Friday for supper and a game of Risk.  Yesterday was spent shuttling the kids around to basketball and then a swimming birthday party in the afternoon.  Today, D’Arcy took the three older kids to 9:00 Mass because Olivia had an allergic reaction to something unknown yesterday (not anaphylaxis, but hives all over her body and diarrhea through the night.)  She actually slept until 9:45 this morning!  Alex is going to gymnastics with Maddie this afternoon and my plan is to get the house organized, bake some bread for the week and finish reading “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” in front of the fire once the snow starts tonight.  I love the weekend!


2 Responses to “New School Observations”

  1. Destiny Says:

    Sounds very promising!! sorry for the neighbor, I feel bad for her kid too.

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