More Exciting News for Alex

January 18, 2009

Alex had his monthly eye appointment on Thursday. 

We left for the city just after sending Sarah to preschool and Olivia up to my parents’ house because Alex’s appointment was scheduled for 10:20.  The van was getting the oxygen sensors replaced ($927.63 but that’s another story!!) so we took my dad’s VW Golf.  We couldn’t figure out how to turn the radio on; it said it was in “safe” mode, so we fiddled and fiddled with it, but to no avail.  We ended up having a great chat along the drive instead of listening to HSM3 for the umpteenth time, talking about the new school, the girls, cubs, sports, and the books Alex is reading.  When we got to the hospital, the sign said that the parking lot was full.  We were pushing it (as usual) time-wise, so I drove down to the VG parking lot which was also full.  I ended up driving around the block and parked at the entrance to the hospital, where there is a 20 minute time limit.  We literally ran up to the 6th floor eye clinic and then ended up having to wait… and wait…  and wait…  Finally I told Alex that our 20 minutes was up, so I was going to have to go out and move the car.  The last thing we needed was for my dad’s car to end up towed!  Alex wasn’t too sure about waiting there alone, but luckily his orthoptist, Leah, came out at that time and I explained the situation.  She told me they’d be in room #13, and he was happy that I would know where to find them.

I ran outside to find out that the parking lot was still full, so I started off around the block to see if I could find a meter.  After the 2nd time around the block, and my blood pressure was climbing, I saw a car pull out and I ended up at a meter right in front of the hospital – my lucky day!  I’m not sure how long this process took, but I was worried that the appointment would be over and he’d be in the waiting room by himself.  When I knocked on the door and they were only part-way through.

Alex has been going to these appointments every four weeks since he was 3.5 so I’m quite familiar with all the tests now.  I was surprised when he did so well with the close up section, but hadn’t been in the room for the distance testing, so didn’t know how he’d done on that.  The ophthalmologist came into the room shortly after I did, repeated a few of the tests and then asked me, “So how are you feeling with the patching?  Are you interested in squeezing out every little bit of vision that you can?”  (Alex is getting “old” by vision standards and there is little hope of him improving much more.  We’ve known this for some time, and thought that last month would be his last with the drops, but he took a big jump and surprised us, so we’ve continued.)  I said to her, “Well, we have been doing this for five years now…”

She explained to me that she had been going to suggest that we stop the patching this visit since Alex was back to the best he’d ever been (before surgery) at his December appointment and they didn’t think he would ever progress past that.  In December, he was able to get 3/5 letters on the 20/40 line, which is “legal driving vision”.  HOWEVER, on Thursday, he was able to read the ENTIRE 20/40 line and 2/5 letters on the 20/30 line!  Needless to say, we’re continuing the patch for awhile longer and have promised Alex that he should be finished with it for good by summer vacation.  I was stunned.  This means he’s one full line plus three letters away from having 20/20 vision with his glasses on!  We never dreamed he would go so far!

We’re all so thrilled but still in some disbelief that he is suddenly improving so much so quickly!  They have no explanation, and Leah told him that she even presented his case to her class because it’s so fascinating!

He was tickled, not so much about the improvement, but with the promise of no more patch come summer.  We had lunch at Subway in the hospital (Alex’s request), shared an apple fritter from Tim Horton’s since we were away from Olivia for the day, and then went to Chapter’s and wandered around.  I bought him the newly released “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book he’s been asking for as a reward for doing his best.  As much as I’ll also be happy for him to be rid of the patch, and thrilled that this boy who at one time couldn’t find his dishes on the table will now be able to drive (when he’s old enough!), we both agreed that one downside will be missing our monthly Mom & Alex dates in the city!!


2 Responses to “More Exciting News for Alex”

  1. Destiny Says:

    Superb job Alex!!! I am so excited for all of you, I feel like I have went on several of these trips with you and am happy to see some real good improvements that will give Alex a more normal life.GREAT BIG HUGS!!!!

  2. LeeAnne Says:

    Yay Alex!! Glad you guys got such great news!

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