Auntie Ruth’s 80th Birthday Party

January 26, 2009

On Saturday, we had 28 people here for lunch to celebrate Auntie Ruth’s 80th Birthday.  Auntie Ruth isn’t exactly related to us, but my mother lived with her when she left home after her own mother died and ended up getting married out of her house.  She proposed the Toast to the Bride at our wedding, and is like another grandmother to our kids.  She is very special to us.  So we invited family and some close friends and Mom & I made lunch for everyone.  


The menu was Squash & Apple Soup, then a Pear, Carmelized Onion & Brie Strudel on a Bed of Greens, followed by a Shrimp & Scallop Casserole, and a nut & egg free chocolate birthday cake from Scanway – YUM!!  We debated with that number of people on how to seat everyone and ended up making one long table that extended into the hallway.  





Our kids were really well-behaved and sat at the table nicely – until it was time for the speeches!  At that point, balloons & the laundry basket were much more entertaining for them!




When it was time for the cake, they were back to being helpful and all four presented the cake to Auntie Ruth and helped her blow out the candles.


 The four of them shuffled along, each with a hand on the cake plate, and we had to sing happy birthday twice because it took them so long to get around the table to her:

Her daughters who now live out West had both sent e-mail toasts to be read and her son Ron did a toast with a question period about what life was like in the 20’s!  My brother called to wish her well because he couldn’t be here and some of her friends told stories from back in their university days; it was really quite fun.  One interesting tidbit that came out during the conversation was that her grandaughter, Johanna, who is studying law at NYU, was invited to Barak Obama’s Inauguration and was sitting about 100 feet from him when he was sworn in!!  

The family helped out in the kitchen, washing dishes and helping us to serve, so it all went smoothly and we were able to relax and enjoy the party!  Now, we’d better start planning her 85th!


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