The Skating Rink

January 27, 2009

D’Arcy built a rink for the kids in our back parking lot this year.  When I was a kid, my dad used to tramp down the snow in the front yard and then spray it with a hose to make the ice.  If he was really getting fancy, he would form “curbs” with the snow around the edge of the surface.  

D’Arcy started building our rink over the Christmas vacation. Yes, that’s right, he built it.   It’s 28′ x48′.  He bought some industrial strength plastic and after he spent last Friday evening in the church basement taping it together so it would be large enough, he & Kevin spent Saturday afternoon installing it with a wooden clamp system so the plastic would not be punctured…  (Making them late for Neil’s birthday party and injuring Kevin’s knee!)  That Saturday night, the kids & I got all cozied up in front of the fire and watched movies while D’Arcy froze outside in the -35*C temperatures, filling the rink with the hose.  I am afraid to know how much water went into it, but he finally came in to bed around 2 am!

Even with our frigid temperatures last week, it took until Thursday for the water to be solid enough to skate on.  The boys, especially, had been very anxious to get out there, so when they got home from school, we all bundled up and went out.  The ice surface was beautiful and as we got out there, a light snow started to fall.







 It was Olivia’s first time on skates and she took right off.  

I guess she didn’t know that skating is supposed to take some practice…  When she fell, she got right back up again which amazed her brothers (and her mother!)!  After awhile, she realized that it was fun to fall, so it became a bit of a game.

D’Arcy arrived home from school while we were out there so laced up his skates and joined in.  



That night, he added a spotlight on the corner of the fence and white lights around the fence-edge of the rink.  The boys have been out there skating every day (and evening) since and yesterday each had a friend over in the afternoon.  Soon, Karen, Kevin & the boys arrived and our next-door neighbour who is in grade 7.  Sarah & I had gone to Chloe’s birthday party, so by the time we got back, D’Arcy had added a carpet to get onto the ice and the chiminea was lit beside the bench so the kids could get warmed up.

The kids better continue to use it as long as the weather holds because D’Arcy has already decided to extend it all the way to the garage next year…



One Response to “The Skating Rink”

  1. Destiny Says:

    That is completely AWESOME!!!! Now I want to visit in the winter too even though I would probably go into shock from the cold. OH What fun!!!!!!!

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