A busy weekend of nothing

February 9, 2009

Our weekend included a whole lot of nothing.  We’re all experiencing cabin-fever, being stuck inside so much because it’s either so cold your skin will freeze, or warm but messy.  The kids, who normally get along quite well, swing been bickering and fooling around – physically.  That drives their parents crazy and we get after them.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Friday night, we made pizzas as usual, but instead of playing a game, D’Arcy & the boys watched a movie on tv while I went to work saving, forwarding, printing or deleting the 3488 emails that were in the in-box on my laptop.  Because one of the Boards I sit on is so divided, I tend to keep almost all correspondence just in case I have to go back to find something to back up a point.  It was a long and tedious process, but I plugged away at it.  When the boys went to bed, I stopped and D’Arcy & I started doing some research on where to go on our RV vacation this summer.  At the moment, we’re hoping to either head to Newfoundland or New England.  However, if the economy continues to be this bad and the tourists aren’t coming, we may end up just going to PEI for a few days and that would be okay too.

On Saturday, I did more of the same while D’Arcy took the boys to their basketball games.  He ended up buying an external hard drive for all our files & our programs so that my brother can save everything when he fixes our computer.  

We packed everyone up in the van mid-afternoon and headed to Uncle Jon’s restaurant, The Olive Branch, in Sackville, NB. It was a beautiful afternoon for a drive and the boys had fun spotting the snowmobilers out their windows.  We had a delicious dinner, a short visit, and left the laptop in his capable hands.  He hopes to get a chance to fix it for us this week.  (I hope so too!)

Yesterday morning was taken up with church.  All the kids were bathed in the morning and Sarah was last in the tub.  D’Arcy took Olivia with him to go pick the boys up from Religious Ed. at the Catholic Church while I finished drying Sarah’s hair and getting her dressed.  She wanted to wear a necklace which was hanging on a hook in the bathroom, above the outlet which has the nightlight in it.  When I took the necklace off the hook, one of my necklaces dropped down onto the nightlight and when I went to remove the nightlight from the socket to untangle the necklace, it arched and we had a small explosion.  It freaked both Sarah & me out!  I had black all over my hand and the wall, and my necklace was blown apart with pieces in the sink & on the floor!  Luckily, there was no fire, but I got D’Arcy to check it thoroughly when he got home!

We had planned to take the kids to the park in the afternoon, but it was too icy to go for a walk and too mild for the ice on the rink to be good for skating, so we picked up a couple of DVD’s and headed home.  D’Arcy worked on his Thesis while Olivia napped and the rest of us watched movies.  The kids are exhausted, still getting used to the new routine, so I fed them supper and the boys were in bed by 6:30.  The girls went to bed at that time too, but didn’t go to sleep until after eight.

We watched a bit of the Grammys while folding laundry and tidying up.  D’Arcy has rejoined Facebook which I love to tease him about!  We’re playing Scrabble against one another.

I really should write down some of the funny things that the kids say when they say it, because I forget so quickly…  Last night Sarah & her father got into a discussion about girls & boys.  She was telling him that he couldn’t wear her hairband because he is a boy and she is a girl.  He asked her how she knew and she told him “because when I was born, I was at the hospital and you named me Sarah so that makes me a girl, just like Ginna named Mommy Anne, so she’s a girl!”  

Olivia’s speech is coming fast and furiously now.  I’ve discovered that she CAN say “Evan, Alex & Sarah” but still refers to them as “Bobby, Allie & YaYa”.  I guess those names will stick.  She knows all her colors and her favorite is yellow.  She knows right from left and will tell you which foot or arm is either consistently. She can recognize & name all but a few of the letters of the alphabet.   She looks at her medic-alert bracelet and will tell you:  “Soy, peanuts, eggs, dairy, nuts.”  Yesterday, she told us that she saw a ghost in the boys’ room when she was up there by herself.  Not sure what to think of that one…


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