Things I am grateful for this week…

February 14, 2009

  • After five years of patching or using atropine drops, Alex’s vision has stablized at 20/40 (with correction) and at his eye appointment yesterday, he was given permission to go patch-free.  (He doesn’t get the correction back in his good eye until after his next appointment in four weeks though – it’s considered to be “part-time” patching, but he doesn’t need to know that!)  I can’t wait for life to be easier for him, and to see how school changes.  After all, his vision has been disabled and he hasn’t seen clearly yet during his schooling career.
  • We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  D’Arcy & I have never been big on swapping gifts just because it’s a holiday.  When we were first married, we couldn’t afford it, and then when we bought our house, we said that it was our gift to one another for as long as we have a mortgage!  No pressure!
  • We’re getting together with friends tonight (without kids!) for dinner and drinks.  We’re taking appetizers and pomegranate martinis!  YUM!
  • D’Arcy has lost 19 lbs. since New Year’s Eve.  I told him he’d better not weigh himself tomorrow…  He also hasn’t had a drink since that night.  I’m proud of how committed he is to getting back into shape!
  • Olivia is starting to talk – a lot!  She makes us laugh everyday.  She can say “Evan” perfectly, but still calls Evan “Bobby”.
  • I was able to take the cookie that Alex brought home from his Valentine Party at school from Olivia before she put it in her mouth.  (It had milk, soy & egg and I would guess there’s a pretty good chance the sprinkles had traces of peanuts or nuts…)  Potential disaster averted!
  • We had a full house last night, two rooms tonight and a booking yesterday for a businessman for 31 nights, starting this Monday!  (I hope we like him!)  That will help pay the oil bill the rest of this crazy frigid winter!
  • We got bookings for September this week – people may be going to travel this year after-all.
  • We are invited to dinner at my aunt & uncle’s house tomorrow night – two nights in a row without having to cook!!
  • I got to volunteer in the boys’ new school for the first time this week -not once, but twice!  It was good to see the kids again!
  • D’Arcy received both his signed Permanent Teaching Contract with this School Board and approval for his Thesis from the Ethics Committee in the mail this week.
  • We got a ping-pong table for $10 at the boys’ old school – there was a public sale of all the surplus furniture on Thursday.
  • Sarah also had a great eye exam on Wednesday.  The turn in her eye had switched from her right eye to her left this visit.  This is wonderful news because it means she’s switching fixations and one eye is not becoming dominant over the other.  (Therefore, no patching for her!)
  • Old photos
  • My family

One Response to “Things I am grateful for this week…”

  1. Destiny Says:

    boy that sounds GREAT!!!!! Yeah all around.

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