Evan & I are now “Friends”

February 19, 2009

…on Facebook that is.  He has wanted a Facebook account for some time now, so that he can play Scrabble on line.  He pleaded his case to me the other night, and we discussed it with his father yesterday.  D’Arcy is fairly anti-facebook, but has recently re-activated his account. 

Evan was given permission to open his account with the following conditions:

  • He had to befriend both of us and allow us unlimited access to his account.
  • We have his security settings set as high as we can (I think)!
  • He has shared his password with us.
  • He has no identifying information on his account.
  • He is only allowed to be-friend people with approval from us.
  • He is only allowed to check his account from home.
  • When he be-friended his uncle & some older cousins, he asked to make sure (as per his parents’ instructions) that he had no access to any “adult” content.

So he & D’Arcy & I are now in a three-way game of Scrabble and he has challenged Uncle Jon to a game as well.  He has entered his first “Status Update” which reads:  “Evan is hoping for a snow day tomorrow so he can sleep in.”

I hope he is always our “friend” and willing to communicate with us in this way!


2 Responses to “Evan & I are now “Friends””

  1. LeeAnne Says:

    I think it’s really cool that he’s on FB … and cool about the way you guys went about it. Great rules — they seem to give him the access he wants and the security you need. I bet it will be fun to see this side of your son!

  2. janelle Says:

    that’s cool – you guys are suer parents….something to strive for!!

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