Snow day for Dad

February 19, 2009

We’re expecting another winter snowstorm today, but it’s not supposed to start until this afternoon.  As a result of their locations in the Board, D’Arcy’s school was closed, but the kids’ were not.  Alex was happy to go to school today because he had gym; Evan is not at all happy at the new school, so he was disappointed.  Until…  I suggested that since D’Arcy didn’t have school, would Evan like it if his father took my volunteering shift in his class this morning?  You should have seen the smile!!  I emailed his teacher right away and she was thrilled that Evan & D’Arcy would have that opportunity to spend some time together in school.  (And obviously, the school board has his criminal record check, etc. on file!)

Sarah still wanted her grandmother to take her to pre-school this morning but conceded that D’Arcy could pick her up when it’s over.  So for the moment, it’s just Olivia & I, as usual for Thursday morning.  

I’m looking forward to having him home this afternoon so that I can head out to run some errands by myself and he can look after the kids while he catches up on school work.  This is my kind of snow day!


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