Eating out tomorrow with Olivia

February 20, 2009

Tomorrow, we’re taking all four kids to Halifax to go for a late lunch/early supper at Boston Pizza and then we’re all going to see The Doodlebops.  I’ve been a little stressed out, because rather than taking our own food, we’re going to order off the menu for Olivia.  Eek!!  The first time we ever did this was during Christmas Vacation at White Point Beach Resort, but I know the manager there and trust him.  

We chose Boston Pizza for tomorrow for two reasons : 1) It’s the boys’ favorite restaurant, dating back to when we still lived in the city; and 2) our allergist has told us that Boston Pizza is highly regarded for their food allergy awareness and safety.

I looked it up their website on line, to see if they had ingredients of various menu items listed.  They didn’t, so I called this morning to explain what we are dealing with.  The employee who answered the phone, Jason, did everything he could to put my mind at ease.  He asked what allergies we were dealing with, and when I replied, “Peanut, Tree nut, Egg, Soy & Dairy”, he immediately assured me, “Oh, we’ll have no problem accommodating that!”

He explained about the “allergy binder” they keep on hand, which not only lists all the ingredients in each menu item, but also lists which of the Top 10 allergens would be included. (People don’t realize that a lot of meat is injected with soy to make it more moist & plump!)  He told me that as per their protocol, a manager will come to our table and we will figure out what to feed her together.  Our order will be flagged and they will use all fresh cutting boards, pans & utensils, and we will go at a slower time to reduce the risk of a mistake.  I booked a reservation while on the phone.

Eating at a restaurant with four children is an adventure in itself, even without throwing in the food-allergy factor.  If our service is as great as I think it’s going to be, based on that phone call, I should be able to rest easy tonight.  And I’m going to need a good night’s sleep to survive The Doodlebops…


One Response to “Eating out tomorrow with Olivia”

  1. Kate Says:

    Such a big, brave step to take! I bet it goes perfectly smoothly – and what a treat for Miss Olivia.

    There’s a bill pending in Massachusetts right now to make that menu/binder/separate utensils and prep stuff mandatory in all restaurants over a certain size… I’m very interested to see if it passes.

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