What’s the sense of worrying?

February 28, 2009

The B&B’s in this area get along really well and we try to get together socially at least a couple of times per year.  A few weeks ago, we received an email inviting us for dinner on the 28th (tonight).  I only checked our family calendar, which said we were free, and replied “YES!!” right away.  The next day, I was sitting at my desk and realized that I had booked a small dinner party here at the B&B for the 28th.

Since it was a group who had been here before and it was only six people, I called our caterer and asked if he would be okay if we left him in charge and we would pay him our portion of the evening’s proceeds.  No problem.  I then called my parents and asked if they would mind taking the kids to their house overnight so that a babysitter wouldn’t have to deal with keeping them quiet here while a dinner party was going on.  No problem.

A few days later, we ran into our first glitch – my parents were invited to a surprise 80th birthday party for one of their friends on (you guessed it!) the 28th!  My mother was trying to figure out how we could work it all in, because they really wanted to go.  I suggested that if they were okay with it, I would book a babysitter to look after the kids at their house.  That problem appeared to be solved.

One night last week, while making supper, D’Arcy mentioned that hewas going to have to find someone to fill in as coach for Alex’s basketball game today because of Cub Camp.  What?!  I lost it.  “What do you mean Cub Camp?  We’re going to the B&B dinner that night and I already RSVP’d ‘Yes’ two weeks ago!”

We started going through different scenarios.  If Uncle Hug was taking Aidan, then D’Arcy could leave at suppertime, come home for the night and go back out early in the morning…  D’Arcy could miss the dinner…  He and the boys could just go for the day and then all come home…  D’Arcy could come home for the dinner and then drive back to camp afterwards…  I finally told him that we’d have to wait and see what the weather was like to be able to make a decision.  

In the meantime, on Monday our dinner party reservation called to say that one of the women had had a heart attack, so they needed to cancel.  I told them by all means!  Then I called my mother to tell her that the kids were able to stay at home again and they were now totally off-the-hook to go and enjoy themselves at the party.

Yesterday, the weather forecast was calling for rain all day today, turning to freezing rain and then snow in the evening and up to 55 cm of snow between tonight and Wednesday.  After much calling back and forth, Camp was called off.  (As it turns out today, the storm is now not supposed to start until tomorrow afternoon, but it’s raining now and the kids would have been miserable, so I’m still glad they canceled…)

So, after all that worrying & juggling, D’Arcy and the boys are currently at their basketball games, I’m tidying up, Katie is expected at 5:30, and D’Arcy and I should be heading out for dinner together shortly before six.  

Everything always works out in the end!


One Response to “What’s the sense of worrying?”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    Your updates are always sure to bring a smile. We love keeping up with all your wonderful stories – what an amazing family you’ve got there! Hope to see you all very, very soon! Love Em, Mike & Phinn xo

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