My kids are driving me nuts and other fun stuff…

March 8, 2009

It’s been quite a weekend here at the B&B.

On Friday, I spent the day at the Regional Tourism Industry Association Conference.  I attend every year, but was really pleased with the information sessions this year.  There was some really valuable marketing information given out, and as a result, our B&B has a “Fan Page” on Facebook and D’Arcy can stop rolling his eyes at the tourism blog I’ve added to our website.  (And if anyone out there is a “friend” of mine on FB, please join our fan page!)  We had been told that we were invited to the banquet that evening free-of-charge, so the four kids booked into the “Grandparents B&B” and we went out.  We had a wonderful evening, highlighted by the fact we won the 2008 Accommodation Award!!

Part of the blurb they gave before announcing our name was a comment sent to them from a travel writer who stayed with us last year:

“As an outdoor and travel writer who has visited many places and written about some; I can attest to the fact that this is by far among the best, possibly “THE BEST” B&B in which we’ve ever stayed.  The quality of the lodging, the kindness and hospitality of the owners and the above and beyond touches makes this B&B one of which Nova Scotia – Canada – in fact, should boast.”


That felt good!

Yesterday was very quiet around here.  D’Arcy picked the boys up and took them to basketball, and Mom decided that it would disrupt the girls the least to just keep them at her house for the day, since they were sleeping over again last night too.  We had a surprise 40th birthday party booked here at the B&B for our pharmacist’s wife. I puttered around re-arranging furniture and cleaning up the kitchen to get it ready for the caterer and then I took our standing Saturday afternoon massage appointment.  (Our massage therapist says that he just looks at the last name on his appointment schedule, and waits to see who “wins the lotto” each week!)  The birthday girl was at the spa, so I was careful not to say anything to her to give away the surprise!

Our pharmacist had dropped off the bar supplies while I was gone, so we got those arranged and D’Arcy ironed & caught up the laundry. (Gotta love a man who irons!) The guests were supposed to arrive at 7:30 with the surprise at 8, but they started to arrive at 7:00.  No problem – we just set them to work decorating with the streamers and balloons which had been dropped off.  

At 8:00, I got a phone call from the pharmacy that the guest of honor was on her way, so we kept a watch out for them.  We saw the truck pull in, so everyone got ready behind the doors.  What a great surprise when they walked in!!  She thought they were coming here to pick up their friends (Olivia’s doctor & his wife who is co-owner of the pharmacy and also our neighbours) to go to the city for the night.

About a half-an-hour later, D’Arcy came into the kitchen and told me to come into our living room, which had been set up as the bar area to see who was there.  It was Olivia’s allergist & his wife!  He hadn’t put two & two together before hand, that they were coming to our house!  What fun!  It was interesting to learn that not only does his daughter have a peanut & dairy allergy, but he himself  has a peanut allergy!!  No wonder he is so wonderful about addressing our concerns!!

The party lasted until after midnight, and we figure there were about 90 people in attendance throughout the evening.  The caterer (a pharmacist at the hospital in her other life) did an amazing job and the menu, which was peanut/nut/shellfish/mango free was delicious!  

We were joking that this was one party we could have kept the kids here for seeing as their family doctor, our pharmacists, our opthamologist & Olivia’s allergist were all here.  (Not to mention at least a dozen other doctors & other medical professionals…)  

D’Arcy & I cleaned up and put the furniture back in its rightful spots before heading to bed around 3:30 am (new time).  Morning came quickly!

Today, we took all the kids to church because I was scheduled to teach the 3 & 4 year Sunday School class, then chilled out most of the afternoon.  We did finish the cleanup, and D’Arcy helped the boys cut out their Cub cars with the bandsaw.  

Our engineer guest who is with us for five weeks flew to Mexico this weekend for a wedding, so we don’t expect him back until midnight.  Tonight is our Amazing Race date night, all the kids are asleep and D’Arcy has lit a fire..  

What a great weekend to bring me out of last week’s funk!


One Response to “My kids are driving me nuts and other fun stuff…”

  1. LeeAnne Says:

    Congratulations on your award!!! You guys ROCK! I’m off to become a “fan” on FB! 🙂

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